The Hanso Foundation is alive !

I recently felt nostalgic about the “The Lost Experience” ARG and somehow managed to gather all the necessary files to revive[1] website !

You can access the pages and browse the different versions of as they were in 2006, using the menu on the top of this page. Note that the page _require_ javascript to be enabled.
A good road map with all the passwords needed to unlock extras can be found here[2] ;  apparently, steps 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 and 13 doesn’t work (see my comment and call for help). You _have_ to respect the order from the guide I previously mentioned[2], meaning that you first need to unlock the newsletter extra, then Joop, Alvar, etc. Note that you can still access directly the extra #12 here.

For newcomers, let’s drop a little knowledge : the Hanso Foundation[3] is a fictional company featured in the TV show LOST[4]. Most of the information about the Foundation was acquired from The Lost Experience[5], though there have been some references to the company on the show.

The Lost Experience is an alternate reality game “that takes LOST fans on an expansive, international easter egg hunt through websites, commercials, emails, phone numbers, and more, in search of pieces to a larger puzzle, a puzzle which, when solved, will enlighten LOST fans to some of the shows deepest mysteries!” In order to solve the intricate clues as part of the game, fans needed a range of skill sets[6].


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  1. That’s really really great!!!! I’m looking for some better screencaps of those Lost Experience websites for the zh-lostpedia recently, and I’m very sad that I found those websites were not around anymore. Luckily I found you make this today!!! They really help me for getting some large screencaps, thanks!!!! And did you kept those swf/png/jpg,etc files of those websites? Like the background images of the websites, videos, flash, etc? Actually, I want to contain them on the zh-lostpedia page, but I can’t download them. So if you do have them, can you please send them to me? I will be appreciate.

    • Your lucky then, because the second version I host (named “2. Full version”) also have all the extra working, and waiting for users to unlock-hack them (probably by following the guide I point out)

      I host all the files, of course, swf, png etc, but what’s the point of embedding them in a wiki page ?

  2. Thanks you SO much! You’ve done an amazing job w/ this!! I used to leave the Hanso site up on my computer @ work, during the period of time when it continuously played that mellow, slightly eerie & cool music. I just let it play for hours, lol. I really wish there was a way to somehow get that music but realize that’s probably never going to happen. Again, thanks so much; this must have taken so much work, & I – like many others, I’m sure! – truly appreciate it!! =)

    • I guess you can extract the sounds file decompiling the flash file used to render the website in it’s full version (version#2 on my hub). I’ll have a look at it.
      The other easy way is to download a software that will record the sound directly on your computer, there are tons out there.

  3. Whoa!
    All these years on!
    I stumbled upon your site as I trawled the web looking for just this, a doorway back into the weird and sometimes creepy Hanso world that I so loved when it all first appeared.
    There where so many levels and puzzles to this ARG. I mostly just followed the tide of other peoples work/decoding. I do remember being quite proud when I found the word/clue “conspira!” while fooling around with color values in photoshop.
    Great that you’ve archived these pages for folk to discover or revisit!

  4. Just came back here for a nostalgic throwback of simple-yet-so-very-complex times. I’m working on a story-driven game involving hacking, and I wanted to come back for inspiration.

    All this time, since I missed out on the TLE, you hosted this site and I could live a small part of it, I never left a comment. I wanted to thank you for doing this. For keeping it up all this time. I’ve never seen anyone do anything to this scale… I sure hope they do. One day.

    Anyway, thanks again. I sure wish some of the other clues on the site were working (like “recluse” and whatnot) but it’s still great. Thank you.

    • Hey! Thanks for your support, I’m very glad you enjoyed your trip down memory lane … I feel very nostalgic of that time also.
      It wasn’t a very productive summer for me as I stayed in front of my computer all day long but it was very intense and exiting to be part of this adventure.
      Even the music from the Hanso Foundation website relax me … :)
      Thank you, and namaste !

  5. Thank you for this!!! Can you get some of the hacks working again or are you unable to?

    Other then that you’ve done an awesome job!!! I love this!

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