free online video downloader for Arte+7 programs

[EDIT 20/08/2013]

I just restored the ability to have multiple MP4 direct links with version 2.4 of the page with a simple URL hack pointed out by Christian in the comment section. Thanks to him, enjoy.

[EDIT 16/07/2013]

Arte changed their way to deliver videos and removed most of the MP4 direct link, replacing them with rtmp:// stream link that you cannot easily download (you’d have to transcode them on the fly).
Hopefully, there still is one MP4 link available for every Arte+7 program and I updated my code accordingly. Quality has decreased, but it’s still better than nothing.

[EDIT 23/04/2013]

Until April 22th, 2013, this post was entitled “Arte+7 videos: shell script to uncover rtmp:// URLs“. It was providing a shell script to run on your Linux/Unix-based operating system and it would gives you rtmp:// links that you then must have ripped to flv in order to store the videos as files… Well, it was not trivial at all, and even less accessible.

But Arte completely rethought it’s website on April 2013 with direct effects on the look-n-feel and on the way arte+7 videos are delivered to the users (this is you).

The good news is that Arte now directly streams (amongst other formats) MP4 files. It means the shell script[1] is not the way-to-go anymore as we don’t have to rip anything anymore.

In this context, I have written a small PHP page that will do the crawling and searching for you, and provides you with direct download links for both german and french videos, high-definition (HD) or standard-definition (SD). Put it short, you can save any Arte+7 videos in a second: right-click “Save as”.

This solution is a lot more elegant, doesn’t require any tools and works on any operating system connected to the Internet. Just follow the above link and enjoy.

Feel free to submit any bug or feature request in the comments.

v2.5 (27/08/2013):
 * Better output, more clear and more readable with hints to choose the correct file (thanks to KillNoise)
 * Added an estimated size in megabyte for MP4 files (thanks to KillNoise)
v2.4 (20/08/2013):
 * Restore the ability to have multiple MP4 direct links with a simple URL hack (thanks to Christian in the comment section)
 * Re-added raw rtmp:// links as it might be useful for advanced users. I won’t provide support for these links.
 * Updated accordingly to Arte’s new way of delivering videos
 * Lost the ability to propose multiples MP4 files and qualities …
 * Multiples interfaces tweaks
 * Video quality information is now accurate
 * Better error-cases handling
 * Moved from a shell script to a PHP-based webpage
 * New URL is:
 * Complete refactor of the code to match new website
 * Removed rtmpdump dependency as Arte now serve MP4 files
 * Simpler and cleaner output.
 * Added the possibility to download the videos directly from the script
 * The script now handles gzipped pages as Arte seems to care for bandwidth (and CO2)
 * Wget is no longer required. The script also handles curl automatically, when available.
 * Better output
 * Now displaying rtmp:// streams URL for other tools.
 * Better (colored and fency) output
 * Added a few informative messages
 * Added a menu to choose the rtmp to transcode.
  * Fixed a bug where fr/de rtmp stream URLs could be in the wrong order (mixed).
  * Code review
  * Now transcode rtmp stream into a flv file when possible
  * Add support for DE streams
  * Initial commit


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  1. Thank you very much !

  2. Cool !! Thank you very much. Arte 7 + recorder is H-S but that’s work !

  3. SuperFlo!!!!! thank you so much!!!
    your script is awesome and works totally fine for me!!

  4. perfekt, thank you very much

  5. glad to have a low cholesterol script

  6. Thank you for your tool even though it seems to be o longer working.


    * Parsing error: no “videorefFileUrl” found. Exiting

    • Oh, I’m sorry but this script is meant to be used with Arte+7, not Arte Live Web.
      I might try to make it work with Arte Live Web sometimes…

  7. bert brutzel

    thank you, started integrating this into my excito B3 NAS. I get the video URL with wget wich I pipe to reduce the output…I just started getting more serious with scripting, so it is very basic. I basically want to have my NAS to download my videos by itself, so maybe I will try modifying your script so I only need to enter a number of the video I want to download when I ssh into my NAS…

  8. Mh, I get the „* Sorry, rtmpdump hasn’t been found in your $PATH.“ error.

    I’m on OSX running the from my home directory, which is also where the rtmpdump is located you provided. I downloaded that AFTER I got the error the first time …

    Any ideas?

    • Yes. Do echo $PATH and place the rtmpdump binary in one of the listed folder (folders are separated by a colon). Preferably in /usr/local/bin/ if this one is part of your $PATH.
      This should resolve your issue.

  9. Thanks! Unfortunately, I now get a line 150: /PATH/rtmpdump: Permission denied error. Sudoing doesn’t seem to change anything and I tried different locations from $PATH other then /usr/local/bin/, same thing. Feeling like a n00b …

    • Don’t worry, I’m happy to help.
      You might want to try sudo chmod -v a+x path_to_rtmpdump_binary.
      To summarize, when you downloaded the binary from me, you should have placed in a folder included in your $PATH variable (mv) and made it executable (chmod).
      I’ll think of making that process more clear, and maybe finally “release” a version 1.0. Thanks for the inputs ! ;-)

  10. It’s working now, so awesome!

  11. Uh, oh, Arte seems to have updated their website, I get a „Parsing error: no “videorefFileUrl” found.“-error. Damn.

    • Ohhh! Nice polishing ! Thanks for letting me know, hadn’t noticed yet.
      Good news is: I already have a new working version for the new website ! ;-)
      The other awesome news is that this new script doesn’t require rtmpdump anymore as I found a way to obtain direct links to MP4 files: yay!

      I’ll be publishing this new version tomorrow, stay tuned.

  12. BAM! 1.0 is out.
    Let me know if you find any bug and enjoy your MP4.

  13. Hello, thanks for your ongoing help ^______^ It still doesn’t work for me for some reason but here’s the paste of bash -x:

    See you in three weeks then and have a nice time/holiday(?).

  14. Beautiful AND working like a charm. Enjoy Japan!

  15. Hey, I found a minor thing: The HQ/SQ description seems to be misleading/wrong sometimes(?), e.g. here:

    For me the SQ link is 1.8gb big (it says MP4-2200 in the filename which might be the bitrate?) while one of the HQ links is only 500mb (MP4-800).

    This isn’t really a problem though, because you can tell from the filenames what is what.

    Thanks so much again for doing this!

    • Yep I noticed that. Just came back, I’ll have a look asap.
      The weird thing is that Arte provides what I believe to be the quality (VQU) which can be either SQ/EQ or HQ, but it is not consistent with the weight of the videos, or the eventual bit-rate you noticed. Once I understand, I’ll make a fix.

  16. thanks so much!

  17. Thank you so much for your work !!!

  18. Thank you, the php page is pretty awesome!

  19. Hey, welcome back! I found another minor thing: Right now, the script seems only to understand URLs beginning with “http://”. Sometimes URLs copied in Firefox start with “www” (no idea why) so I have to fill in the “http://” manually, which is not a big deal obviously, but …

    Thanks again, this is so freaking awesome!

    • Yep, that’s mandatory when using HTML5 “url” input: <input type="url" name="url" autofocus="autofocus" required="required" placeholder="Please input your Arte+7 video URL to start downloading..." autocomplete="off" size="80" />.
      On the bright side, I don’t have to test provided inputs against URL regexps (but probably should for smartass who POST without using the HTML formular).

  20. Thanks so much!!

    But I have to ask myself why such a script is needed to download movies, that we all already paid for…

    • Well, streaming on is free, download is probably not available because some people will start to share and/or sell illegally the files, violating copyrights etc.
      By “paid”, are you referring to some kind of tax ? Because Arte is a free TV channel in France but yes, I do pay a tax for owning a television.

  21. Hello,

    I had a look at your ARTE+7 shell script in three steps to retrieve the rtmp URL they kept hidden. I actually wrote a perl script with the same goal some months ago, and what strikes me is that you’re saying Arte changed their site on April 22th, 2013. For me it happened yesterday from France, and my 3 step perl script much alike yours did still work yesterday!!
    Today, I found that they have changed their site, and some info is hidden in a json URL (ex.: arte_vp_url=””) where I can find various rtmp URLs that seem to refer to various video qualities.
    I tried your new page which works. But what are the rtmp: protocol headers for if you can download mp4 files through http?

    Maybe you’re living in another country, and Arte tried their new site out of France first.

    Thanks for your site and hidden URL decoder. Can you publish your php code?

    • Hey, this is kind of weird, I’m also french (even though I blog in english for a wider audience) and website has been updated on the date mentioned before (April 22th).
      I’ll think about publishing the code, but there is nothing really interesting in it, mostly json parsing …

    • I think I’ve got some kind of explanation: both Arte+7 sites are still alive.

      New site, possibly active since April 22th, at the URL:

      Old site:, with the “cover flow” browser, is still updated.

      I did not notice at that time because I had bookmarked the link. Yesterday, I tried my script from a new computer with no bookmark…

      • Nice.
        This is kinda funny because, after tailling my logs, I found out that some users inputted some URL in the PHP app and I created a special error message for this particular case. I had not realized the old version was still online. I never bookmarked anything related …
        Anyway, I won’t update my code to support the old version, which hopefully will be shutdown soon.

  22. Hello,

    it definitely seems that Arte is delivering different things from country to country (*geo*graphy). All your URLs for mp4 have a /nogeo/ in their path, while in my json file, it is /geo/ as your can check with the URL in my previous comment.
    It also looks like Arte has upgraded the video quality offer, as they used to have SD and HD only (HD usually 350Mb/hour), to four different streams.

  23. Just wanted to say thanks for the site.
    If you ever find the time, a similar downloader for the Liveweb side of arte would be great too.

    But thanks again, its really useful

  24. Could I ask for some help?

    Im trying to download a video from arte liveweb
    (I have a very basic understanding of how to go about this kind of thing)

    I’ve found the xml page for the liveweb video

    There’s some mp4 url’s in there but when I try to download them as links they dont work

    Do I need to alter them?

    Sorry to ask


    • Sadly I only have my phone right now so I cannot check. Ill probably update my tool to handle LiveWeb when I get both time and a computer…
      Anyway, your link uses the rtmp:// protocol which is not http:// that is why you fail to save the file, you are supposed to stream it.

  25. Ok thanks yeah I’ve streamed (and sasved) rtmp links through vlc before but for some reason it doesn’t seem to work with this link.

    Would be great to get the liveweb update on your site

    But either way, thanks again

    • Mhh, I had a quick look at the code, it seems not possible to disclose MP4 URLs for direct download (I believe they just don’t exists) and I don’t really like only giving rtmp:// links as it leads to many questions and many peoples not understanding … So I guess I wont implent the “Live Web” feature :/

    • Thats a shame – thanks for trying though


  26. Ca marche Parfaitement, c’est simple et on choisit la qualite… merci !

  27. Hey Florian,
    you PHP-script is working perfectly! Thank you so much!!!

  28. Thank you very much!

  29. Great. Thank you so much.

    When submitting the form, you could maybe encode the URL that was entered in the input field directly into the result page URL so that the result page shows up as: or

    That would make it possible to share that URL directly.

  30. Arte adress changed

    Hello arte adress as changed, this is now so your script reject adresses telling they are not in the right domain.

    Could you fix that ?

    Is your code on some available repository ?

    Thanks !

    • Hello, my code is not documented or available anywhere, sorry.
      As for your statement, I believe you must have followed and old link.
      The URL still exists but it’s not the recommended way to watch Arte+7.
      Make sure you start from the home page at and follow the +7 link, you’ll see that you never end-up in the website.
      Keep me posted if you need anything.

  31. Dear Florian,

    thank you for offering this handy tool!

    But right on first use I just discovered that the service will fail during a ongoing live reprise of an event (within the seven days). I think this is because the related webpage will present a live stream, too.

    After end of live (re-)transmission, it works as expected. I fear you’re not able to fix this, but maybe you’re able to detect it and to display an appropriate message to try it later again.

  32. Hi,
    unfortunately Arte changed sth.,on their site. http:// … .mp4 Links are not longer provided.
    Only a rtmp:// … .mp4 in the 2200 Quality!
    Any guesses for solving that problem?


    • Damn, it seems you are right they did change something.
      But apparently, there still exists one MP4 link for direct access amongst many rtmp:// links… At least, I’ve been able to find one in the sources but I have to update my code.

      I’ll keep you posted via comments.

    • Okay I made a quick fix. It seems to be working again but now only propose one link for a 400p quality MP4 ; better than nothing.
      I’ll double check everything tomorrow, gotta move !

  33. Thank’s mate,

    but the 400p quality MP4 isn’t a solution.
    Do you know how to construct a working rtmpdump command?
    Maybe out of this:
    “streamer”: “rtmp://”,
    “url”: “geo/videothek/EUR_DE_FR/tvguide/047480-000-A_SQ_1_VOF-STF_00594830_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4?e=1373969382&h=6eb7995bc78995b8d34aa1e930d7913a”

  34. This rtmpdump cmd has to be look a bit like this, but actually I didn’t get it working:

    rtmpdump -r “rtmp://” -a “a3903/o35/” -f “LNX 11,2,202,275″ -W “” -p “” -y “mp4:geo/videothek/EUR_DE_FR/tvguide/047480-000-A_SQ_1_VA-STA_00594824_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4?e=1373888902&h=41b9c20fc074fd2931baab7a6f5c46ef” -o Arte-Soul.flv

    Regards P

    • Of course I know how to transcode rtmp streams into flv files ; check the version history of my page.
      But this isn’t the purpose of this page anymore, I cannot assume that people coming here will have a shell, rtmpdump binary and appropriate knowledge to run such a “complex” process. On the other hand, I won’t transcode for them on my server, it has a cost in terms of CPU cycles, heat, power, and it’s often several minutes long ; most people will have disconnected by then.
      So the only remaining solution is to propose what can be directly downloaded, the 400p mp4…

    • I see you tried d’ling “show me your soul”. I’m currently d’ling that too, with an rtmpdump command line I retrieved as described in my post below. It is
      rtmpdump -r “rtmp://” -a “a3903/o35/” -f “LNX 11,2,202,297″ -W “” -p “” -y “mp4:geo/videothek/EUR_DE_FR/tvguide/047480-000-A_SQ_1_VA-STA_00594824_MP4-2200_AMM-Tvguide.mp4?e=1373986620&h=585f653b71e028163fb11e74194e3704″ -o

      and it’s working.

  35. With these recent changes it’s becoming apparent that arte’s is doing everything it can to prevent users from downloading.

    There’s still rtmpdump though. And together with rtmpsrv as a local, transparent proxy it gives you anything you need.

    More precisely, do something like
    $ iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 1935 -j REDIRECT
    $ rtmpsrv

    then load the arte video page (you may choose the resolution you want beforehand, the flash player should remember it) and rtmpsrv will print the exact rtmpdump command line you need. Copy that, then first do

    $ iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 1935 -j REDIRECT

    to clean out the netfilter rule and after that you can download with the command line rtmpsrv printed for you.

  36. Thanks for providing such a nice tool. Sucks that ARTE does not want us to use it.

    Do you know whether it is possible to download the other streams using tools such as rtmpdump? Last time I checked you need both the correct rtmp:// stream and the link to the flash player used by ARTE. Using the player (SWF fIle) rtmpdump is then able to pretend that it is the embedded player and download the stream as FLV file.

    However, searching for these URLs is cumbersome. Could you maybe add an advanced section to the page displaying these links? Of course, the user still would have to know how to use tools such as rtmpdump.

    • Should have read the previous comment.

    • Note that my simplistic approach above can be refined.

      When doing things as I described, rtmpsrv will print the command line and then throw an error. Reason being that the netfilter rule also applies to the rtmpsrv process. If you run rtmpsrv under a dedicated user though – say user “rtmp” – and modify the netfilter rule to

      iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 1935 -m owner \! –uid-owner rtmp -j REDIRECT

      rtmpsrv will even automatically spawn an rtmpdump process and automagically download all by itself without any further work or intervention.

      Me, I’ve currently refined my setup to run the rtmpsrv process on my 24/7 home media server, and on my workstation I’m left with a simple script that activates/deactivates the netfilter rule

      iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 1935 -j DNAT –to
      echo “RTMP redirection to host media active, type any key to deactivate.”
      iptables -t nat -D OUTPUT -p tcp –dport 1935 -j DNAT –to

      So what I do is call that script, netfilter rule gets applied, then load arte video which now is intercepted by rtmpsrv on my media server, which then starts the download all by itself. Then I press a key to deactivate the netfilter rule and voila, download is underway without any further intervention on my part. Makes it a 2 minute job to get everything going, plus the download can proceed like through the night on my server, unattended.

  37. After many hours of blood, sweat and tears I finally created some bash lines, which download a (German!) ARTE stream automagically. Only one parameter is assumed, that is the URL of the ARTE +7 page (e.g. “”). Hopefully these lines will save somebody’s precious time – at least until ARTE will do their next changes ;-)



    echo “Qualities: $QUALITIES”
    echo “Using $QUALITY”

    SWF_URL=”” # fix?
    FLASHVER=”LNX 11,2,202,280″ # fix?
    JSON_URL=$(wget -qO- “$BASE_URL” | grep -o “http://.*PLUS7-D.*\.json” | sort -u) # NOTE: Replace PLUS7-D with PLUS7-F for French audio
    JSON=$(wget -qO- “$JSON_URL”)
    RTMP_URL=$(echo “$JSON” | sed -n “s/^.*\”streamer\”:\”\([^\"]\+\)\”.*$/\1/p”)
    PLAYPATH=$(echo “$JSON” | sed -n “s/^.*\”url\”:\”\(geo[^\"]\+$QUALITY[^\"]\+\)\”.*$/\1/p”)


    rtmpdump -r “$RTMP_URL” -a “$APP” -f “$FLASHVER” -W “$SWF_URL” -p “” -y “mp4:$PLAYPATH” -o “$FILENAME.mp4″
    exit $?

    • Nice job. This is quite odd because we are moving backward, I created to replace a non-trivial script of mine ( which did the same than your new script: provides and transcode on the fly Arte’s rtmp streams (only mine has fancy colored output and menus).

      I was quite happy when Arte started delivering MP4 files because then it could be scripted in a webpage and could reach a much much wider audience: only geeks can use scripts, it requires a terminal, some shell knowledge and rmptdump binary….

    • You got to realize though that arte wouldn’t be very excited about what you’re doing. Just look what’s right now on arte+7: Tarantino’s “Jacki Brown”.

      Now, for that film for certain but probably also for a lot of other stuff arte may have the right to broadcast. But not the right to distribute. Which is when they do when allowing downloads, distributing the material.

      So when they don’t try to prevent users from downloading they especially might open themselves up for litigation. So whatever one does when trying to dl nevertheless, one shouldn’t be too vocal about it.

      Put differently, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually your site – even with that arte logo on – that made arte remove those mp4 links.

      • D’oh… ;) Yeah I guess you are right, even though I haven’t done anything illegal at all, I only revealed what was already there ; hidden in the publicly-available-client-side-HTML-source-code and/or what in a simple network capture.

    • Sure it wasn’t illegal. But you may count on arte having to react to any easily available download method that comes to their knowledge.

      Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they also tried to prevent the more nerdy approaches. But there at least they could say that it’s a flaw in the technology and not even in widespread use. So the more complicated the download method is, the more they’re having an excuse. Legally speaking, I mean.

    • Thanks MJ for your code.
      It didn’t work for me (french video).
      Anyway, these lines save my precious time ;-)
      I was able to made a script who work for me (french and german video)
      Here is the code, hope it could be helpfully for someone else…

      Note to MJ: the file you dump at the end is a .flv and not an .mp4.
      VLC don’t look to files extensions so VLC open it correctly,
      but some other reader don’t. You can convert the video loselessly
      in mp4 with ffmpeg (see last line of my code) — Correct me if I’am wrong :/ –

      SWF_URL="" # fix?
      FLASHVER="LNX 11,2,202,280" # fix?
      JSON_URL=$(wget -qO- "$BASE_URL" | grep -o -m1 "http://.*PLUS7.*\.json")
      JSON=$(wget -qO- "$JSON_URL" | tr "\"" "\n")
      RTMP_URL=$(echo "$JSON" | grep -o -m1 "rtmp://[^\"]*")
      QUALITY_LIST=$(echo "$JSON" | grep -o "^geo[^\"]*" | sort)
      echo "Choix - Möglichkeiten:"
      echo "$QUALITY_LIST" | sed -n "s/.*[AB]_\(.*\)_0.*/\1/p" | nl
      echo "MQ: 216p, HQ: 406p, EQ: 406p, SQ: 720p"
      read NB
      PLAYPATH=$(echo "$QUALITY_LIST" | sed -n "${NB}p")
      echo "Base url: $BASE_URL"
      echo "JSON url: $JSON_URL"
      echo "RTMP url: $RTMP_URL"
      echo "HOST: $HOST"
      echo "APP: $APP"
      echo "Play path: $PLAYPATH"
      echo "Filename: $FILENAME.mp4"
      rtmpdump -r "$RTMP_URL" -a "$APP" -f "$FLASHVER" -W "$SWF_URL" -p "" -y "mp4:$PLAYPATH" -o "$FILENAME.flv"
      ffmpeg -i "$FILENAME.flv" -vcodec copy -acodec copy "$FILENAME.mp4" # Convert FLV to MP4 losslessly with ffmpeg
      # rm "$FILENAME.flv"
      • Because it seems that you guys are handling rmtp streams I re-added the ability to display rtmp links within my PHP page to make your work easier.
        I’ll think about adding the rtmpdump -r -a -f ... command directly in the results but what I will not do is to transcode them myself on my server.

  38. Thanks for your continuous effort, Florian!

  39. Hey !
    I would like to save as MP4 a video comiong from Arte live web, not from arte + 7. Have you a solution ???
    Many thanks ! Lise

  40. insanely great.

  41. Hello Florian,

    I find it quite sad that arte removed the HD Mp4 links, but when searching in the source code of a video, I found this .json and there are many references to HQ videos in mp4 :/

    Do you know if you can do anything to find how to get these HQ videos ? Or if there’s a way to capture the rmtp code with VLC or another video player and save them in my hdd ?

    Merci :)

    • Yep these are rtmp links, not http so you’d have to transcode them on the fly (probably to flv with rtmpdump) or stream them.
      Check out in the previous comments some people tried to find a way to do just that but I haven’t done it since Arte published their new version of the site.

  42. Hi. Could you please tell me where can I download a concert from Arte Live Web?. I tried here but not possible. Thank you!

    • There are no easy solutions when it comes to Arte Live Web, check out previous comments. Sorry

      • Last year I wrote a Chrome Extension for own purposes in order to download or convert live-web streams. It still seems to work.
        You find this crx extension on my website

        You can download this extension und give it a try.

  43. The software MediathekView find 2200 http downloads. Maybe you figure out how they do it

    • WOW! Nice finding, this is awesome.
      I’ll have a closer look and update my code so that it parses both json (with and without /player/) so that I can handle all cases and have maximum links to provide.
      Thanks a lot, I guess v2.4 is coming next week ;)

  44. Danke FLorian,Thanks,
    this is amazing,good to have people like you,
    fixing features

  45. I confirm that the “new” JSON URL for MP4 derivates found by Christian seems to work. As a prove of concept i have adapted the script sent by Boulli

    JSON_URL=$(wget -qO- "$BASE_URL" | grep -o -m1 "http://.*PLUS7.*\.json")
    JSON_URL=${JSON_URL/player\//}  # remove player/ for the MP4 metainfo file
    JSON=$(wget -qO- "$JSON_URL" | tr "\"" "\n")
    HTTP_URLS=$(echo "$JSON" | grep -o "http://[^\"]*mp4" )
    echo "Choix - Möglichkeiten:"
    echo "$QUALITY_LIST" | sed -n "s/.*[AB]_\(.*\)_1.*-\(.*\)_.*/\1 - \2bps/p" | nl
    read NB
    PLAYPATH=$(echo "$QUALITY_LIST" | sed -n "${NB}p")
    echo "Base url: $BASE_URL"
    echo "JSON url: $JSON_URL"
    echo "Play path: $PLAYPATH"
    echo "Filename: $FILENAME.mp4"
    wget -c "$PLAYPATH" -O "$FILENAME"
  46. that is great. thank you so much, florian!

  47. Hey! Great-Thank you so much! Used before the programm A702 but it does not work anymore, so I found your site! And since today there is also dirct link in HD great, greater fantastic yeah FLORIAN.
    BOOBOOBLUES from Austria!

    • Glad my “program” helped you !
      Never heard about A702. Actually, I never searched for other solutions, I just developed mine for fun, and because I wanted to save a documentary on my disk =)
      Cheers from France !

  48. Great work – Thank you very much!!!

    Would you mind share your scripts as open source for other projects ?
    e.g. for to let him fix his ARTE Downloader A702 (, an RTMPdump frontend which was very easy to use (watching clipboard for ARTE+7 links + automatic retrieve filename & short descriptions)

    Being confused about all those formats, i myself did some research to share:
    ARTE+7 seems to provide a total of 5 different qualities, of which only 4 are available as MP4-Download (2 of the 5 links you decode point to same MP4 file). The 5th (lowest) resolution is only available via RTMP.
    Hoping for further improvement & more convenient & clear user interface, i suggest to fix the links ordering and name them with proper resolutions (+ storage requirements & recommendations) to help users decide which one to select:

    1. 1280×720, named “2200_AMM-HBBTV” (nominal 2200 kbps video; actual bandwidth incl. audio ~2580 kbps)
    –> 18.4 MB/min = 1100 MB/h storage required
    = “720p” HD quality (~ BluRay equivalent)

    2. 720×406, named “1500_AMM-HBBTV” (1500 kbps nominal, actual ~ 1680 kbps)
    –> 12.0 MB/min = 720 MB/h:
    ~ DVD quality (this one is actually not exposed by the online player on, although an equivalent RTMP stream named “1500_AMM-Tvguide” seems to exist)

    3. 720×406, named “800_AMM-HBBTV” (800 kbps nominal, actual ~ 880 kbps)
    –> 6.4 MB/min = 380 MB/h
    = “406p” standard quality of ARTE online player (also delivered by “ARTE Downloader A702″)
    ==> recommended for rather good quality with moderate archive storage space requirements

    4. 480×272, named “1500_AMM-Reach” (~300 kbps nominal, actual ~385 kbps)
    –> 2.75MB/min = 165MB/h
    Low quality, rather blury. May use this one for playback on smartphone or for compact storage when video quality is of less concern.

    This last one is not accesible by ARTE online player, which instead offers RTMP stream at same 300 kbps rate but at even lower resolution:

    5. 384×216, only available as RTMP stream named “300_AMM-Tvguide” (~300 kbps nominal, actual ~385 kbps)
    –> 2.75MB/min = 165MB/h
    = “200p” low quality level of ARTE online player
    (maybe this lower resolution provides better video motion response under constant bit-rate restrictions for streaming)

    BTW: Do you have any recommendation for a convenient tool to render those RTMP stream links provided into a file download (or at least RTMPdump command string)
    RTMPDumpHelper from allows to save the stream from intercepting ARTE online player communication (thereby crashing the online player each time), but no way to accept RTMP stream links directly.

    • Many thanks for the suggestions, check-out version 2.5 ;)
      I used your estimations and the video duration in seconds available in the json files to calculate an estimated size for the MP4 files which is almost accurate (they don’t provide the size in the json files so I had to use this math trick). Also, I adopted your way of

      As for sharing my code, actually it’s all in javascript (client-side), so any one can grab it, and see how ugly it is… :)
      I will think to use GPLv2 and/or public domain license, sure.

  49. Thank you so much for your this great tool!!

  50. GREAT !!!
    Many thanks for your fantastic work.
    My perfect appreciation for your effort and achievement.

  51. ARTE Live download with Mencoder easy howto

    The following worked well with WinXP, Service-Pack3, and should work with newer versions of Windows and with LINUX-systems.

    Short info for experienced users:
    Download Mplayer and Mencoder from here:
    and install.

    Inside the programm folder execute one of the following commands:

    Copy german live stream, reencode only audio:

    mencoder “rtmp://″ -oac faac -ovc copy -o c:\live-video.avi -endpos 01:30:00

    Copy french live stream, reencode only audio:

    mencoder “rtmp://″ -oac faac -ovc copy -o c:\live-video.avi -endpos 01:30:00

    This will download a stream of 1 hour, 30 minutes, 0 seconds with a bit rate of approximately 1250 Kbps and 720 x 406 pixel. Of course you can modify the -endpos parameter and the -o parameter (path and name of output-file) according to your preferences.

    The ARTE Live-stream has an odd aspect ratio of 1.938 . You can correct this in your video-player; eg. in VLC-Player chose “Video/Aspect Ratio/16:9″.

    Alternatively you can reencode the video stream during download and give it the right aspect ratio of 16:9, which needs more CPU-Power.

    Reencode german video and audio stream:

    mencoder “rtmp://″ -o c:\live-video.mp4 -oac faac -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1250:aspect=16/9 -endpos 01:30:00

    Reencode french video and audio stream:

    mencoder “rtmp://″ -o c:\live-video.mp4 -oac faac -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vbitrate=1250:aspect=16/9 -endpos 01:30:00

    The output files can not be processed with mp4box or xmedia-recode. To copy the part of the output-file, that you realy need, you can use the following mencode commands (examples):

    mencoder -ss 00:00:30 -endpos 01:15:00 -ovc copy -oac copy -o c:\live-video_cut.avi c:\live-video.avi


    mencoder -ss 00:00:30 -endpos 01:15:00 -ovc copy -oac copy -o c:\live-video_cut.mp4 c:\live-video.mp4

    This will copy a vidio starting at positin 30 seconds and with a duration of 1 Hour, 15 minutes and 00 seconds.

    Insted of the hh:mm:ss form you can specify the time in seconds:

    mencoder -ss 30 -endpos 4500 -ovc copy -oac copy -o c:\live-video_cut.avi c:\live-video.avi

    Additional information for unexperienced users:

    1) How to install Mplayer and Mencoder?
    When you download Mplayer and Mencoder from the above specified internet-site, you receive it as 7z-archive. To unpack it, you need a programm like 7-zip (
    With the help of the unpacking-programm you simply extract the content of the 7z-file into a programm folder of your choice. Inside the program folder amongst others you will find the two files mplayer.exe and mencoder.exe. These programms are used as “command-line-tools”, which means you have no graphical interface, but use commands. Mplayer ist for playing videos, Mencoder ist amongst others for downloading videos.

    2) How to execute a command-line command in windows
    Copy the desired command to a text-editor like Wordpad, Winword or Open Office. If you use Notepad, you might get problems with unwandted line breaks.
    Now edit the command according to your preferences and then copy it to the clipboard.
    Use your file manager (eg. Windows Commander) to go to the programm-folder of Mplayer/Mencoder.
    Right-click on the folder, an in the pop-up-menue chose “open command window here”.
    Right-click on the blue top of the command window and chose “edit/insert”.
    Now press enter, and the command should be executed.

    Background information:
    In the source code of the ARTE-Live-page you find a line “live-url=”……”". With the adress given there you can download the file default.json. In this file there are specifications for “streamer” and “url”. Combine both, and you have the rtmp-adress for the live-stream. It seems to be valid for longer time-periods.

    • Nice howto, quite technical and not for beginners but still interesting: mencoder tends to be more usable and popular even though it’s still quite an advanced binary to use.
      So if I understand this correction this is for transcoding live into avi and on the fly Arte tv stream as seen on any television ? It can surely be useful for programs that don’t end-up in the Arte+7 section ; but you’d have to either cron it on a linux box somewhere, or be there right on time ! Anyway, thanks for your inputs !

  52. Thank you so much!! This is the best tool ever! I am so happy you did this.

  53. Thanks a lot for this very good tool.
    Is it possible to select the language (DE, FR), or is this implicite by the URL? I guess so.
    I will come back often. I generated a link on my iPad.

    • Well, it is possible but I haven’t developed the feature: I assumed most (if not all) people would want to match the language with their browser one. ie: yes, it is implied by the URL.

  54. thanks for the effort! it works great!!!

  55. thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Since a few days, it seems that Arte changed its protocol from http to https
    So, in the script given by Boulli you have to adapt the JSON_URL line, editing the pattern :
    “https://.*PLUS7.*\.json” instead of “http://.*PLUS7.*\.json”

    Thanks again for this great piece of script

    • Oh yep, it seems you are right. Hopefully my page (and the script behind it) find these URLs dynamically and doesn’t validate the SSL certificate (which should be alright anyway) so it worked without me knowing. Thanks though, cheers.

  57. thanks a lot for this website—- you made my day ;)

  58. Thank you so much! Very useful! :-)

  59. Je viens de voir le merveilleux film ” Un monde sans femmes » par Arte. Je devais avoir cela. A702 , mais qui n’a pas fonctionné ! J’ai pleuré ici – il y eut Florian Crouzat! Suis très excité au sujet de la MP4 – Merci , merci! Solution refroidir sur Mac et Windows. Les vannes de copie Arte doivent être à l’envers.

  60. Henry Dorsett Case

    You Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Especially for your little shellscript – it’s perfect for my pi :)

  61. Merci, Florian, this is great, thank you.

    Greetings from Tom in Allemagne

  62. Respect parce qu’en plus d’être efficace, c’est vraiment agréable à utiliser, bien fait, bien pensé.

    Bref encore bravo et merci !

  63. Un remerciement n’est pas grand chose au regard du service rendu! Bravo pour l’esprit et respect pour le CV!

  64. Merci du fond du cœur.

    L’impossibilité de téléchargement sur les sites de vidéos est une vraie plaie. Heureusement, le W3C nous promet des jours meilleurs avec sa future version de la norme HTML. Ah non ? On me souffle que ce sera bien pire qu’aujourd’hui. Ça promet !

    • La limitation n’est pas technique, mais politique. Les réalisateurs qui vendent leurs docu/films à Arte ou n’importe quelle chaine qui dispose de son service de streaming n’ont pas envie qu’ils soient téléchargeable gratuitement. Du coup un outil comme le mien n’est pas forcément le bienvenu, mais puisque techniquement il est difficile (impossible) de ne pas rendre téléchargeable ce qu’on rends “visionnable”, me voilà ;)

  65. Merci beaucoup :)

  66. Is the script broken? It hangs at 25% for me :(

    • Yeah, it looks like you are a victim of the success of this page, Arte now answers with HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 509 Not allowed..
      I update the page to display an error message.
      HTTP/509 is supposed to mean “bandwidth exceeeded” but I’m 100% sure this is not the case as I use very little bandwidth by only download jsons files (all videos are downloaded by the visitors, not my server)
      I’ll check how it goes for a couple day, see if Arte is blacklisting my server, and try to come up with a workaround, if possible.

      Fingers crossed ;)

      • Tout d’abord merci bcp pour le chouette outil que tu offres.
        J’ai lu avant ce que tu disais concernant les auteurs qui vendent leur doc à Arte, et on peut comprendre leur ressentiment à ce que ce soit téléchargeable gratuitement
        Mais dans ce cas, il faut qu’ils offrent une opportunité d’acheter le docu bien après, ou qu’ils soient visionnables pendant un mois ou que sais je, parce qu’il suffit que je m’absente 3 jours et je rate 5-6 documentaires intéressants. Sans parler du fait que les vidéos ne sont pas visionnables partout en Europe.
        En tout cas merci bcp pour ton travail, je croise les doigts pour que le problème actuel ne soit que temporaire.

        Bon courage pour la suite

        • Toujours le même problème oui … entre les délais de proposition d’une offre légale et la demande toujours plus pressée…
          De toute façon, vouloir techniquement streamer des vidéos mais empêcher leur rapatriement ne sera jamais possible, ne serai-ce parce-que je peux filmer mon écran avec un smartphone, ou dumper le buffer de téléchargement en temps réel… Bref, oui, espérons qu’ils nous ré-ouvre les vannes de la culture pour tous ;)

      • I can still access the json files directly and download from there. So maybe they blocked your site.
        How about a little userscript for Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey that will do what your script here does?

        • That would be a solution yes, so that the source IP address are distributed and not only mine (server)
          Sadly, I don’t have time to learn how to and develop such a thing. But the parsing process is quite simple and I’d be happy to walk any motivated people through it.

  67. There seems to be an error with the Arte downloader.

  68. watcherintheskies

    Hello Florian, thanks so much for your efforts so far, your tool is greatly appreciated!! Unfortunately everything I tried to save today doesn’t work. I really hope you can work out what went wrong…

  69. Hello,
    there are some difficulties with your ARTE+7 download site.

    Thankyou for this site

  70. RTMPDumpHelper is still working with flv-files.

    • That’s because the problem is only for my server IP ;)

      • Wow, they really started blocking your server’s ip? Couldn’t you fetch the json file via any anonymizer on the web. I mean like this

        Where “” obviously is the prefix. There are many proxies out there. Randomizing the usage of all those will make it impossible for them to block you.

        • That’s a good idea, I’ll have a look at it if I find out that I’m permanently banned…

          • A quick fix should be easy to implement with a fixed proxy – just for a proof of concept test (+ maybe manually change proxy whenever ARTE comes after it).
            Or what about implementing the script on client side (i.e. using clients IP address to download .json from Arte) ?
            Would be happy to see it working again soon.
            Thanky for your efforts !

            • Yup, I used a random opened HTTP proxy I found on Google and it’s working again … at least until they ban this proxy.
              I’ll try to find a working, free, HTTP, “meta-proxy” service that changes the real proxy used behind the scene so that the IP always changes when I’ll have enough time.

              • nearly perfect – if not MP4 Download link parser was broken:
                at least for german version MP4 links are no longer rendered, try e.g.
                (need to manually exploit “” to reveal the link)

  71. doesn’t work for me. i tried ff and chrome. my OS is XP.

  72. ARTE download with rtmpdump; easy howto

    As the http-links for ARTE-mp4-videos don’t work at the moment, the following might be usefull for some users. It worked well with WinXP, Service-Pack3, and should work with newer versions of Windows and with LINUX-systems.

    Short info for medium experienced users:
    (See additional information for unexperienced users at the bottom.)

    1) Download rtmpdump from here:
    and install.

    2) Finding the rtmp-adress:
    Open the Arte+7 URL of your desired program.
    Open the source code of this page and search for “all.json”
    You will find the complete URL for “all.json”, specific for this program.
    Download this file and open it with a text editor.
    You will find several entrys for differnt bitrates like this:


    VA-STA means “german”
    VOF-STF means “french”

    Combine the “streamer”-entry and the “url”-entry like this example:


    Now insert “mp4:” in front of the phrase “geo/”. The complete adress now is:


    3)Downloading with rtmpdump:

    Use the rtmp-adress, you found, to write a command of the following kind. Modify the path and name of the output-file (c:\video.mp4) according to your preferences.

    rtmpdump -o c:\video.mp4 -r “rtmp://”

    Go to the rtmpdump-folder and execute the command .
    If the download did not work properly, rtmpdump generates an outputfile with a size of 0 byte.
    You sould delete this file, before you start the next try.

    Hint: There should be no forced line breaks in the command. If you use Windows-Notepad, you might get problems with that. In this case uncheck the notepad-menu “Format/Line breaks”.

    Additional information for unexperienced Windows-users:

    1) How to install rtmpdump?
    When you download rtmpdump from the above specified internet-site, you receive it as zip-archive. If you dobble-click on the zip-file, it should “open” like a folder.
    Now simply copy the content of the zip-file into a programm folder of your choice. Inside the program folder amongst others you will find the file rtmpdump.exe. This programm is used as “command-line-tool”, which means you have no graphical interface, but use command-lines.

    2) How to execute a command-line command in Windows?
    Copy the above given example-command to a text-editor like Wordpad, Winword or Open Office. If you use Notepad, you might get problems with unwandted line breaks. In this case uncheck Menu “Format/Line breaks”.
    Now edit the command according to your requirements and then copy it to the clipboard.
    Use your file manager (eg. Windows Commander) to go to the programm-folder of rtmpdump.
    Right-click on the folder, and in the pop-up-menue chose “open command window here”.
    Right-click on the blue top of the command window and chose “edit/insert” to insert the command.
    Now press enter, and the command should be executed. Observe, wether the download starts.

    • Danke für die Anleitung !
      Geht sogar noch einfacher:

      1. simply download .json from:******-000_PLUS7-D/ALL/ALL.json
      (for ******-000 insert numeric code from arte tvguide page link)

      2. in this .json file text you will find not only RMTP links but also direct .MP4 download links (french STF + german STA)
      at least for smartphone quality (300bps small resolution file):******-000-A_HQ_1_VA-STA_******_MP4-1500_AMM-Reach.mp4

      for standard resoultion quality files (800bps) use similar adress; try replace suffix with “_MP4-800_AMM-HBBTV.mp4″

    • Addendum: Even easier

      I’m sorry I overlooked the valuable hint of Christian above:
      If you found the URL of all.json like discribed in my rtmpdump-post, you just need to delete the phrase “player/” out of it and you get a different all.json, in which you find the http-adresses for mp4-files with several resolutions and bitrates. If you have these, you do not need rtmpdump.

      But at the moment fortunately the wonderful video downloader page of Florian works again and does the job automatically.

    • thx guys for all the hints. it’s not so easy, but with your help i got all the mp4 links.

    • @ florian:
      how about implement Robert Browns guide in video downloader to create the complete RMTPdump command line ready for use (just copy & paste into command prompt to start download with RMTPdump) ?

      • Actually, having a script that automagically finds rtmp streams and transcode them on the fly into flv was the first step of that project, you can find my initial script here: but I haven’t adapted it to the new website, and I prefer to do this on my end and to provide a simple web page because I can reach more users and you don’t have to have a command-line guru.

  73. thank you for this possibility, but unfortunately there are no mp4 direct links. i tried to read a bit in the comments but didnt understand, the whole process. i have to say that i also dont know what is .json files, is there quick workaround someone could explain me? thanks in advance!

  74. Just to make it easier for all:
    The HD (720p) Version ist called “SQ” by arte. So if you take the JSON which has _no_ “/player/” in the URL (e.g.: “”) and search for SQ you have the HD-mp4 file.

    Hope that fixes it for all =)

  75. Just because it seems you’ve missed it, I fixed my tool so you don’t have to put your hand in the dirty HTML anymore.

  76. Could someone explain me how to download videos now? I have no clue what a RTMP Stream is and how I can get the video file with it. Mp4 links don’t show up for me.

    I don’t get the explanation above with that .json , it’s too difficult. I’m not a native english speaker.

    • You are probably trying to download an episode and not a documentary or a normal program.
      I realized (don’t know since when) that Arte doesn’t provide MP4 links for series (tv shows), for example: Borgen.
      I guess they want to sell DVDs in the end, and they should.

  77. No, I tried several documentaries. No Mp4 links!

    Only stuff like:

    RTMP stream(s)

    Streaming link #1 — rtmp / VA / HD – 720p (1280×720) / 2200bps
    Streaming link #2 — rtmp / VOF / HD – 720p (1280×720) / 2200bps
    Streaming link #3 — rtmp / VA / MD – 400p (720×406) / 1500bps
    Streaming link #4 — rtmp / VA / SD – 400p (720×406) / 800bps
    Streaming link #5 — rtmp / VOF / SD – 400p (720×406) / 800bps
    Streaming link #6 — rtmp / VOF / MD – 400p (720×406) / 1500bps
    Streaming link #7 — rtmp / VOF / LD – 220p (320×200) / 300bps
    Streaming link #8 — rtmp / VA / LD – 220p (320×200) / 300bps

    • Looks like things have changed again, not sure if my fault or not, but Arte keeps updating their code and making it harder to reveal MP4, or completely removes the actual files to only provide streams…
      I’ll have to have a look at it … But not tonight, cause it’s freakin’ Saturday night :)
      Florian -> Out.

  78. Do others have the same problem, with no mp4 links showing up, or is it just me?

  79. Hello, thank you for your tool.
    There are no MP4 files for “Borgen” (season 3, episodes 3 and 4). Why? What must I do?

  80. … en attendant que Florian nous répare son magnifique outil …
    (merci à lui pour son engagement militant ! …)
    Une possibilité de télécharger une version “.mp4″ des vidéos d’ “Arte+7″ :

    Avec “Firefox” lorsque l’ on est dans la fenêtre de la vidéo d’”Arte+7″
    (sans que celle-ci soit nécessairement en lecture)
    aller dans le menu “Outils” -> “Développeur web” -> “Code source de la page”
    (ou clic droit à côté de la fenêtre de la vidéo et “Code source de la page”)
    apparaît un nouvelle fenêtre dans laquelle on demande une recherche
    par le menu “Edition -> “Rechercher” (ou les touches ⌘ F)
    apparaît en bas à gauche de cette fenêtre une barre de recherche
    dans laquelle il faut rentrer le mot suivant (sans les guillemets) :”.json”

    La barre de recherche indique la ligne de la première occurrence de ce mot
    et le résultat de la recherche est affiché dans la fenêtre;
    Copier (sans les guillemets) la ligne “http” de ce résultat :
    et la coller dans la barre d’adresse d’une nouvelle fenêtre de “Firefox”
    on obtient une fenêtre dans laquelle on effectue une nouvelle recherche
    (touches ⌘ F) avec le mot suivant (sans les guillemets) :”artestrsmv”

    le résultat de la recherche s’affiche dans la fenêtre,
    Copier (sans les guillemets) la ligne “http” de ce résultat (de “http” à “.mp4″ inclus) :
    et coller cette ligne dans la fenêtre “Téléchargement” de “Firefox”
    obtenue par le menu “Outils” -> “Téléchargements” (ou les touches ⌘ j )…

    Courage ! et à suivre …

  81. Just to say thank you florian. You really made my day with mp4 :))

    with example links (expired)
    #1 start your favorite webdownloader (e.g. jd)
    #2 start your favorite browser, start the arte index page
    #3 browse, select the movie you like => click on link, e.g.–7667210.html
    #4 this will redirect to the arte page about the movie
    nice, check it

  83. #5 see the url in browser address line?
    => copy the number from it…
    in this example: 038401-000
    #6 …and paste it into here:
    (german version) or (french):
    #7 copy this url and add it into your downloader (linkgrabber), e.g. jd
    Start to “Parse Url” and “Continue” to deep parsing if necessary
    #8 jd will find the available mp4/wmv movies (differs sometimes)
    => Select the desired quality and maybe the pictures.
    Merge them into one folder. Rename folder with movie title.
    Continue with selected packages. Start downloading. DONE.
    # if all.json is downloaded then it gives some additional information, for nerds only ;)
    All credits go to Florian and Christian
    Merci beaucoup

  84. Many thanks to you Florian! I tried the rtmp links and tried this (Win 7; rtmpdump 2.4)

    set videoName=borgen23.flv
    set playerpath=
    set stream=”rtmp://″
    rem rtmpdump.exe –rtmp %stream% -W %playerpath% -o “%videoName%”
    rtmpdump -o “%videoName%” -r %stream% –swfVfy %playerpath%

    It connects but then it spits out

    ERROR: Closing connection: NetStream.Failed

    Any clue why this happens ?

  85. Hallo,
    if we intend to download a movie from arte we can choose “Link Ziel speichern unter” and normally we can define the position where it should be stored. But today we cannot choose a place to store the file any more…What has happened?
    Thank you very much for your engagement.
    Best regards

  86. Hi Florian,

    could you please check if this download works for you?
    Thanks for the assist.

    Kind regards,

  87. Hello, only basse déf ?
    Merci ! ;)

  88. Thanks heaps! I’m a developer myself, and working for a “media company” it was among other things my job to obfuscate parts of the client-side code, in order to complicate rips like this here. I hope Arte isn’t causing you that kind of trouble!

    PS: the captcha is horrible

    • Arte is a public tv station, paid by the public in germany and france, they get even big extra money from public funding for their internet service, and they are obliged to provide the program to the public in the internet, and it is and was always fully legal to record this program for home use. Not all computers can play their rtmp service, my computer does not play it for some reason I dont know why, so in my opinion it is not legal to hide the direct links to mp4 like they do since I paid for it.

    • Nop, they don’t obfuscate it, they just change the path to follow to reach the final MP4 and sometimes, creates exceptions.
      The captcha is that horrible ? Anyway, I have so many spams … :(

  89. Greetings! The parser doesn’t find videoStreamUrl, but even I can see it. Look for yourself:

    Looks like they’ve split the link into pieces so that the parser cannot read it..?

  90. Too sad it all seems to be over now with arte. But thanks for what it did :-)

  91. Hello
    Il n’y a plus que de la basse def ou c’est moi ? En tout cas, MERCI !

  92. Super! Je comprends rien à l’anglais mais je peux à nouveau regarder les rediff d’Arte (en streaming, chez moi c’est impossible, bug sur bug)!Merci beaucoup! Nath

  93. Florian, merci.

    Je venais me semble t’il de constater voici quelques semaines que mon vieux procédé de lecture – et de réemploi pour téléchargement et visionnage différé- des liens dans les fichiers xml laissés, le temps d’un aperçu d’une vidéo en replay sur arte+7, dans user/temp/plugtmp ne fonctionnait plus. Semblait ne plus fonctionner. Ces longues adresses en :rtmp://artestras.fcod.llnwd….. que je confiais autrefois à tvo ou rtmpdump.

    J’imagine qu’il y a encore d’autres solutions mais ce que vous avez fait ici me plait bien. Merci encore.

  94. Sebastian Berger

    Is there a possibility to download the Content from ARTE7+ with subtitels?

    I would like to download a video with French Audio and French subtitels.

    Is there even a possibility to download the French version with French subtitels (but without the French audio and instead adding there the German audio?)

    Thanks for your help

    • Nope, I think that none of the questions you asked are possible.
      You can only choose (for some program, not all) between French version, German version, or Original version + subtitle in your language.

  95. Merci, merci beaucoup !!

  96. Merci à toi Florian et aux commentateurs car grâce à vous j’ai pu mettre au point un grabber en batch:
    Il nécessite Python 3, BeautifulSoup 4 et RTMPDump.
    Il suffit de fournir une liste l’URL Arte+7 en ligne de commande, et le script fait le reste. Les fichiers et résumés sont horodatés.
    En cas d’erreur, il suffit de relancer l’ensemble car les fichiers correctement téléchargés ne sont pas écrasés.
    Voici le lien ZeroBin

    (j’ai tenté de mettre le source ici, mais je me suis fait traiter de spammeur :/)

  97. Vraiment un très bon site web que vous avez programmé ici ! Merci pour votre travail. Nous avons beaucoup de joie dans la famille à être en mesure de regarder le spectacle « carambole » à nouveau au goût déconnecté ! Avec mes meilleures salutations de Berlin

  98. Merci, merci beaucoup !!

  99. Thanks it’s GREAT and working perfectly!!!

  100. Merci beaucoup Florian, je en te connais pas mais tu me permets de télecharger traxx =)

    Continue chapeau


  101. Thank you,

    works perfect!

  102. Thank you so much, finilly! I found a way…
    a super easy way
    works fine for me
    Merci beaucoup!!

  103. Thanks very much Florian for your wonderful website – wish you all the very best in your super happy 2014 :)

  104. Join us now and share the software;
    You’ll be free, hackers, you’ll be free.
    Join us now and share the software;
    You’ll be free, hackers, you’ll be free.
    When we have enough free software
    At our call, hackers, at our call,
    We’ll kick out those dirty licenses
    Ever more, hackers, ever more.

  105. Thanks a lot for your efforts and the well working ‘tool’. Have a champion start in 2014!

  106. Hop ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
    Merci pour tout ! :)

  107. Juste pour dire merci Florian, et bonne année aussi !

  108. Totally.

    Love it! Thanks for your work. You rock!

  109. Salut Florian, ça fait bien 2 ans que j’essaie de télécharger les vidéos sur Arte+7, j’ai jamais cherché plus loin mais ce soir je suis tombé sur ton site et ça m’a bien aidé. Par contre j’habite en Belgique et on ne peut pas voir certaines vidéos sur ( votre zone géographique … ), si il existe déjà un moyen de télécharger ces vidéos, j’apprécierai ton aide :)

  110. Thank you very much for your great tool.
    I just downloaded a very interesting documentation about commodity traders which I just saw on TV. Now I am able to share it with my boyfriend.

  111. You saved my life Mr.CROUZAT!
    Thanks a lot!

  112. C’est tout simplement génial ! un tout grand merci !!!!

  113. It is fantastic, so great !
    I do some PHP on hobby, with the help of AdBlockPlus I try to find sources of videos, but never succeed with Arte’s … do you publish or explain the way you get the address of the native video ?
    Thank you :)

    • Hey, it’s quite easy actually, it’s all there, in json files.
      If you are curious, use my downloader with an Arte+7 video of your choice, and while in the result page, check the source code for my (ugly) javascript hacks, it’s all there.
      Just make sure to quote my name somewhere if you intend to copy my work.

  114. Thank you very much indeed for providing us with this tool, mate.
    There were so many presentation from Arte I wanted to have saved for the future, and finally now I CAN do it! It’s Brilliant!

    All the best to you and yours!

  115. Merci beaucoup Florian.
    Je ne me rends pas compte si la programmation d’un tel outil demande beaucoup d’efforts, mais je me rends bien compte des services que cela rend à beaucoup de monde.
    Donc, sincèrement un grand merci à vous.
    Et bravo pour avoir rendu votre travail si accessible, dans les deux sens du terme : free and user friendly, it’s great. ;-)

  116. Salut,
    j’aimerais bien télécharger cette vidéo sur ARte et j’ai essayé avec le link de Florian mais pas eu trop de succès.–7584126.html
    comment je peux faire? je suis sur MacOs et je ne connais pas enormement sur les ordis
    bonne journée

  117. J use depuis longtemps ce site sans remercier,alors voila,ton travail est juste ce que le net devrait etre.
    Mes remerciements maxi size.

  118. Merci pour cet outil et la mise à dispo. Fonctionne en toute simplicité !

  119. Excellent ! Un Grand Merci.

  120. UN immense merci à vous Florian !!

  121. Dear Florian,
    I am trying to download this superb british tv series in VO to no avail: only the direct links in VF VA are downloadable, while the low quality links don’t work and neither of my three browsers recognize your rtmp-links. Your tool is otherwise truly great. May it last long!
    Here’s the link:

    • Yeah, when it comes to VO, my tool is kinda limited. Arte only provides VO in streaming, so you cannot download the file. You are left with either French or German.
      As for the rtmp:// links, it is also a streaming protocol, not a file, that’s why you cannot open it with your browser. Sorry I cannot help :s

  122. Thanks for the great work, Flori ! I should have found this earlier, its the solution I was lookin for so many years !! Keep it up !

  123. génial mec

  124. I wanted to thank you for this “app” (I don’t know the right word) because I compile all the news via arte journal, 28 mins, arte reportage…
    to do like a video-history book for my kids and others; and before I found your “app” I had to recorded via the HDD of canalsat and transfert it to… blablablabla
    Anyway you made my job much much more faster and I am now able to add some other stuff to this video-history book, likepart of tracks, metropolis and others !
    So with all my heart I thanked you for this !!!

  125. UN TRES GRAND MERCI A TOI QUI ME PERMETS DE REALISER UNE “HISTOIRE VIDEO” de ce qui se passe à partir des programmes d’arte.
    Jusque là je devais enregistrer via canalsat et transferer vers mon pc. Cela prenait bcp de temps. Maintenant en plus du journal je peux ajouter des sujets des différentes émissions d’actu, d’archives, de culture et autres !!
    Alors un très très chaleureux merci pour ton travail qui me permettera de laisser une trace concrete à nos descendants.
    Merci !!!

  126. Merci pour cette appli web, très utile et qui fonctionne parfaitement !

  127. Un grand merci a toi Florian pour ce travail formidable que tu as realisé et qui rend bien des services.
    S’aurais tu si il y a possibilité de de récupérer les reportages d’Arte Future ?

    merci encore

  128. Super et un très grand merci à toi pour cette appli

  129. MERCI MERCI Merci, tu es geniale, absolutement genial thanks for this gift and that you share your knowledge with us.

  130. Merci à tous pour vos messages, je suis très heureux de pouvoir aider autant de gens à partager la culture ! ;)

  131. Sad news about the download shut down. We should keep Florian’s awesome service up and running. Anyone? Is it difficult to do? ARTE is more or less the only TV station with decent content these days. It’s a public station funded by us! Not being allowed to watch their programs without annoying streaming difficulties is not fair. It’s not that any of the downloaders want to make money of the downloaded programs, is it.

    Anyway, thanks so much for all your work Florian.



  132. Thank you so much !florian
    This is really very helpful. I am so sorry that you are getting into trouble with lawyer. If I can do something to help.
    Signature etc… don’t hesitate to ask

  133. Very, very sorry about that legal nonsense !
    (due to limitations of my system i could not even watch any ARTE+7 without your service !)

    Though it is absolutely silly, i assume, ARTE has no choice but to object against your service: It is those greedy copyright owners who may set ARTE under pressure, beeing responsible to keep its broadcasting system strictly locked and to not tolerate any “leakage”. So be prepared to face legal enforcement.

    Maybe it is wise to hurry now and somebody could publish ARTE+7 algorithms & code open source (before any lawyers might try to prevent him from doing so by thread of punishment).

    Would it be difficult, to leave your client/server approach and code the algorithm into a standalone app (Java, JS or C#) for everyone to download/compile and execute on his own private PC ?
    Once spread on the web (sourceforge ?), they will not be effective to deny private usage…

    Thank you for keeping things going !

    • Yep, you got everything right. That’s the issue here I believe.
      It will not be difficult to transform my page into a standalone app in whatever portable language exists.
      Actually, what you call a client/server approach is basically more a client-only approach as everything is done in javascript in your browser, and if you know a bit how browser & js works, you can even check out my source code by yourself. My server is only here for the GUI, so we can totally get rid of it if we move to a standalone app with GUI.

      Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s a very easy task to translate my tool in any language, as long as it can parse JSON files. Without the presentation layer, the core of the tool takes about 30 lines ;)

      The fun part is that I told them that this would happen, if they force me to shutdown my tool, which is well known, centralized, and makes no harm, they’ll end-up chasing everyone as I will definitely spread the source code for any developers up to to the task.

      I’ll modify my message on the page to call for developers… hehe.

  134. Dear Florian!

    Thank you Florian! For your work for your arte download page!
    Is there anything we could do for you? We love your page!!!
    Also I am sorry for the troubles with lawyer.

    Also if the side is changing or gets an other owner would you inform us?

    Thank you so much Florian.

    Head up sunny greetings from Vienna

  135. Un grand merci car je ne parviens pas à lire les vidéos directement sur le site d’Arte, ca bloque la plupart du temps, j’ai envoyé plusieurs fois un email au support d’Arte mais ils ne me sont jamais venus en aide (réponse toute faite puis plus rien) donc votre site est une bonne alternative! C’est dommage cette chasse aux sorcières car ils devraient plutôt être fiers de voir que le public s’intéresse à leur programme de qualité il faut le reconnaître. En plus ca représente quoi le traffic, j’imagine que nous ne sommes pas des millions à être aussi motivé, bref menacer de poursuites pour si peu c’est vraiment une triste mentalité.

  136. Hi Florian,
    thanxs for your tool!!
    … and I´m with KillNoise:
    (due to limitations of my system I´m not able to watch ARTE+7 without your service !)
    So I would be very glad, if arte would agree, that their service is not for the big compagnies to sell more & bigger machines, but for the people who really apprechiate the material and want to look at it more closely! … or share it with their students or use it for research reasons…
    hopefully your site stays tuned and arte pulls back their lawyer !!


  137. Même si Arte demande de supprimer le service de téléchargement, ce n’est pas sûr qu’il y ait un problème légal. Car rien n’empêche de copier une émission sur VHS (oui, bon, ça c’est du passé…), DVD gravable ou DD de salon. Surtout s’il n’y a aucune exploitation commerciale derrière. Chercher peut-être quelques réponses sur côté du site

  138. I can easily record Arte in HD to my PC with a TV card. If your tool were to disappear, that would not stop me from doing so, it would just take more time to edit and reencode things for storega :-)

  139. This is a nivce site. And yes…. arte films should be avaiable for everybody. It’s culture and knowledge.

  140. WE love your service

    Dear Florian,
    I’m not a techie, but I think that you should share your precious knowledge of encoding with everyone, so that those who can build it, will reproduce your grain of gold. Poor sods as those suing you are just perplexed with how to deal with digital copying…If there would be a hundred such website, they could only kiss our asses!

  141. work like a charm, thanks !!

  142. Il ne doit pas s’agir uniquement de copyright car sinon ils pourraient mettre à disposition les programmes dont ils sont les auteurs (Infos, JT, magazines (28mns, tracks, yourope…).
    J’ai vraiment du mal à comprendre leur démarche pour une chaine qui se dit être la chaine de la culture (européenne), c’est quand même un comble.
    Ton message à propos d u lawyered dont tu as été victime n’est plus là aussi j’espère sincérement que tu es sortis de tes éventuels ennuis.
    Et encore une fois, merci, merci beaucoup pour ce que tu fais pour nous.

  143. Merci beaucoup pour ce travail réalisé, de libéralisation de la culture, chapeau!

  144. Merci pour votre outil de telechargement des programmes Arte+7.

    J’ai rencontre un probleme pour le telechargement de cette video :

    Le lien ouvre une page avec un player integre, ce que votre outil ne sait pas gerer.

    Bien cordialement

    • Merci pour votre outil de telechargement des programmes Arte+7.

      J’ai rencontre un probleme pour le telechargement de cette video du 2014-04-04 :
      Quand les océans deviennent acides

      Le lien ouvre une page avec un player integre, ce que votre outil ne sait pas gerer.

      Bien cordialement

  145. Bonjour,

    le site arte+7 a ete modifier par arte, votre superbe outil, de ce fait, ne fonctionne plus sniff :-(

    si vous pouviez faire qqchose, ce serait parfait!!

    ps: est ce que le script est telechargeable (github, sourceforge ou autre)????

    Merci encore pour ce superbe outil

  146. Danke für diese Topseite, durch die 7Tage Regel hier in Deutschland, das alles danach gelöscht werden muss, bin ich froh so die ganzen tollen Dokus sichern zukönnen ohne viel wissen zumüssen.

  147. Mille mercis pour votre très très bon site. L’Arte-Downloader est fantastique!!

  148. Thank you so much! The arte downloader is perfect! You rock!
    Mil gracias desde Sevilla!

  149. Hélène Vanmalle

    Merci infiniment; Florian,
    Peut-être est-ce parce que je suis sur Mac OSX, mais en enregistrant le fichier je n’obtiens pas des .mp4, mais des .webarchive et le fichier ne pèse que 4 Ko. C’est déjà mieux que rien, mais combien de temps resteront-ils disponibles ? J’ai parcouru les fils de discussion sans trouver de réponse et je me demande si je ne suis pas passée à côté de la manœuvre de téléchargement.
    Si tu as le loisir et l’amabilité de me répondre, tu peux le faire en anglais pour avoir une audience plus large. En tout cas merci bien.

    • Bonjour, je pense que vous ne sauvegardez pas ce qu’il faut, vous sauvegardez surement la page web, vous devez cliquer à côté du lien, dans le “blanc” de la page.
      Il vous faut placer votre curseur de souris sur le lien de votre choix “Direct Link X” (en fonction de la qualité souhaitée) et fait un clic-droit > enregistrer-sous, à ce moment là une fenêtre devrait s’ouvrir et vous proposer d’enregistrer le fichier au format MP4 sur votre disque dur. Tenez moi au courant de votre progression ! Amicalement, Florian.

      • Hélène Vanmalle

        Merci, c’est réglé (après une panne de ma Freebox…), pour information c’était la manœuvre à deux doigts pour effectuer le clic droit sur mon trackpad qui ne convenait pas, il fallait activer le clic droit à l’aide de la touche Contrôle.
        Un grand bravo pour votre réactivité et l’efficacité de votre outil qui est bien le seul compatible avec un Mac.

  150. downloads do not start anymore

  151. Bravo & grand merci pour cet outil bien pratique!
    Je ne l’ai découvert que récemment mais depuis je m’en sers presque tous les jours :-)

  152. Il semblerait qu’Arte+7 mette en place un nouveau player.
    La même vidéo téléchargée ce matin via le lien:
    est maintenant disponible via le lien:–7850426.html
    qui n’est pas compris par la bande de singes savants chargés de générer les liens de téléchargement.

    Est-ce déjà la fin? :-(

    • Je ne pense pas. Le premier lien fonctionne toujours chez moi.
      En réalité, les liens vidé sont ceux qui étaient utilisés il y a plus d’un an, avant la refonte complète du site.

      • Effectivement le lien initial fonctionne toujours mais le site Arte+7 ne le fournit plus; Même chose pour le documentaire suivant dans la même série; Heureusement, le retrouver à partir du lien précédent n’a pas été trop difficile.

        Bizzarement, seuls ces deux documentaires semblent faire l’objet de ce traitement un peu spécial. Tant mieux! Ce n’est certainement pas moi qui vais m’en plaindre :-)

  153. Hey Flo ! It seems, ARTE changed their video links, they end with .html now and the download is not working anymore. Its not all vids with the new links, but theyre gettin more. I saw, you discussed this already above, but my french is simply too bad to understand all, youve written. What can I do to download stuff with this “new” kind of links?

    • Hey, so far I fail to reproduce what you mention. I never reach a “new” page and always have regular URL ones so I cannot say much right now.

  154. Merci pour ton travail.

  155. Sorry, I dont get it ! Im not good enough in building links :(

  156. salut,

    je n’arrive pas à télécharger cette vidéo :

    Merci de ton aide :D

  157. Hi, first sorry for my bad english ;-)

    i want download this film:

    But after i paste the link in your page i see only the download links of the trailer. How can i download the full film?


  158. Moi aussi, je te remercie beaucoup pour ton excellent travail, qui a permis de résoudre tant des problèmes insolubles. L’un d’eux est pour moi maintenant de reussir a telecharger des vidéos sur le site de TV5 Monde, la tv francophone internationale. No way! Il semble qu’ils sont en SWF … Je serais très heureux si toi tu pouvais un jour resoudre aussi ce problème. Peux-je esperer? Warm regards.

  159. reemts, peter

    salut florian, Arte a sa LINK, s converti en html. Exemple:–7867720.html. Je ne peux plus écouter avec votre programme. avez-vous une solution?
    * La traduction rend le Google Traductrice

  160. Unfortunately, arte has changed something, for example I cannot download

    Any simple suggestions (in English)?

  161. Comme d’autres te l’ont dit depuis au moins vendredi, TOUT les programmes d’arte se présentent sous la forme d’URL :–7867720.html
    Du coup ta “page magique” ne fonctionne plus (même si certains liens du début de semaine sont encore valables (en autoplay) depuis vendredi et samedi TOUT les liens nous font un pied de nez.
    Je n’ai pas de doutes que tu seras à même d’enfoncer le clou sur la tête d’arte, car, perso je me sers des enregistrements pour préparer mes cours et juste les regarder ne me suffit pas) et depuis que je t’ai trouvé, tu m’es devenu aussi indispensable que mon mari (ne lui dit pas que j’ai dit cela ;)
    Bref, en attendant, avec les autres, de tes nouvelles, je te remercie d’avance pour ce nouveau travail que tu vas faire, et je te re-remercie encore pour celui que tu as déjà fait.
    “Vas-y Florian, on! est! tous! avec! toi! bourre! leur! le! pif! :} ”
    Plus sérieuseument, merci d’avance.
    Tatie-gisele qui te fait plein de poutous !

    • Peter, Gisele, I’ll answer in English so I can reach a wider audience. As far as I’m concerned, Arte did not change anything to their website, and how they deliver content. Actually, URLs looking like are the *previous* schema, they moved to what we know one year ago so I think it’s weird they would rollback their update and move back to the old way…
      So far, I have not been able to reproduce what you describe ; hence, I cannot work on the issue. Sure, Peter’s link work because they never shutdown the old pages, but I can also find the correct link which is
      Maybe your browser cache is very-very-old ? Try ctrl-R on the homepage
      Also, never use old bookmarks, always starts browsing from the homepage. Finally, if you still experience the links, can you tell me in which country you are connected ? Maybe they are performing rolling upgrade depending on the geo-localisation of clients but I doubt it.

      In my opinion, either your cache is invalid, or you are using an old bookmark link on the old pages, instead of manually going on and browsing from there.

      Keep me posted anyway, I read every comments.

      • you were right and I corrected my bookmarks, but at the time I write this reply your page is down so the old bookmark’s still useful, like I explain down on this page.
        Thanks Forian.
        I’ve you ever think to put your page on the deep web?

  162. Yes, arte changed something. But I found out, that the old programm still works! (arte +702 download on
    But you have no choise in quality.

  163. Could have been great but the link is not working anymore : if you follow trough the instructions you find yourself straight to the page of agreement for rapidshare; and we don’t want that, do we?
    Thanks anyway :)
    Who’s next ? ;)

  164. Ok, I did not know that. I still have this programme on my computer. Can you find it somewhere else? Maybe here:

    Good luck!

  165. Hello Florian. Thank you very much for your effort and your service.
    From Germany i have two kind of links depending on the date of the posting in the Arte+7 enviroment.
    Linux Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114 Cache clean / Incognito Mode.

    Starting from:

    landing on:

    For example “ARTE Journal from today 2014.06.03 , 12:30

    On the other end “Entdeckungsreisen ans Ende der Welt” 2014.05.27 , 15:44

    There must have been a transition. The newer Videos witj
    are not working anymore with your service.

  166. hi florian, thanks for your detailed answer – yes, it was a very old link -
    if it does not work until you realize what a valuable service you with making your work – many thanks – my english is too bad to write in the original but google makes it possible, again many thanks

  167. Thank you Florian to push us (on est tétus des fois) in the right way.
    Thanks for all your work.

    I wanted also to thank John for the updated link about “arte +702″, I downloaded it and it works. I recommend it to others because sometimes when Arte air an old documentary you find yourself on an old page (not the kind of autoplay for which Florian fight everyday, thanks again) with a url finishing buy an html, so “arte +702″ is still useful when it came to that. So thank you too John. Your help have been really appreciated.
    Et encore de grands merci à Florian pour tout. Tu assures vraiment. C’est super d’avoir des gens comme vous (je n’ai personnellement toujours pas compris les différences entre html, javascript et autres dont j’ai même oublié les noms). Donc Bravo à tous, et surtout Florian (déjà dit) et John (déjà dit aussi).

  168. I have find a solution, quite long to process but it works :
    1°) you’ll have to go to the old page of arte+7 :

    2°)Then you have a tutorial in french on youtube at this url :

    It can sound a bit complicated for people like me (many things to do) if you want many downloads, but if you use “copy and paste” with your notepad, and some creativeness and methodology you can manage to do quite fast..
    The problem is you don’t get the name of each program and you have to type it.
    Anyway for now it’s better than nothing.

    I look forward with adulation to Florian, our messiah ;)

    Sorry john but I did not manage to run properly arte700, but thanks anyway.

    Go, go Florian. Keep up your wonderful work !!!

    • Hello
      Thank you for your tip but it doesn’t work when I try to download with NetXfer. Is it because I’ve got a bad version of it ?

  169. Hello Florian !
    Nice to see your site on again (and you not in prison obviously :-)

    I dont believe arte will be able to ignore and tolerate you officially publishing standalone tool etc. on your site.

    Suggest to move all discussion about arte download tools & links to threads on video related forums hostet elsewere (outside europe ?), to keep possible contributions by you (or others) not all that easy to track down.

    Hope to soon see here a link to a forum thread where we can exchange information, algos & interesting links without compromising anyone.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts !

  170. I just forget to say that if you use the tutorial I spoke earlier you have to download net transporter (which do not appear on google, so go straignt to clubic and look for it there). After your download done you have to adjust its compatibility with windows vista and always run it as an administrator (both for the installation and for using).
    I hope whose interested understand my very poor english, sorry #(

  171. florian, my hero! merci à toi pour ton travaille et ta resistance. chapeau!
    it is strange enough, that it is still not permitted to download movies. i watch them once. without your tool i would record the movies. i still can’t see the big difference between dwonload and record…….. quite funny, especally from a “cultivated” broadcaster like arte. and in times of podcasting everything anytime anywhere….. . arte is oldfashiion and the opposite of modern and visionary. so florian, thanks again and stay cool!

  172. If I were you I wouldn’t look to host the thing anywhere else. By continuing to step on arte’s toes (and even rubbing it into their face when using their logo and such) you might ruin it for everybody else.

    Why? Because content copyright holders will continue to complain to arte, potentially forcing them to shut their online offering down. This is a very delicate matter and I’m amazed you haven’t that figured out for yourself. Trying to fly under the radar – instead of putting up prominent “download” pages – should be what everybody should be striving for.

    So if anything at all just share the code. Even if that’s not really necessary, above is a perfectly functioning bash shell script. And here’s another one which extracts the mp4 links (and mimics specific user agents on the way, as to not alert arte):

    • Sorry for for my small mental capabilities, but I don’t understand what’s doing your “script/code/etc” and how to use it ?

      • Well, you obviously need linux to run it. Take the code and copy it into a file named “artedl” for example. Make that file executable. And then take a arte+7 link (just like you did for Florian’s page) and call it like this:


        It will then print out the mp4 links for the 3 available qualities together with the corresponding file sizes. You may choose then the link you prefer for download, depending on the file size, and download it in the way you like (browser, command line, download manager, whatever).

        The script occasionally fails with an error message primarily because arte hasn’t set up the proper links yet on their web site. In that case just try again a couple of hours later.

        If course, if arte revamps their website and json links permanently change again, like it happened about a year ago or so, the script needs to be changed too. But that happens comparatively rarely and is also pretty easy to do, with the aid of an HbbTV client if need be.

      • Tiny addendum: the only tool the script needs and which may not come preinstalled with your linux distro is “curl”. That’s one of the two prominent command line download tools used on linux, the other being “wget”. This script uses curl though.

        So if curl isn’t installed yet on your system just use the package manager that’s coming with your distro (aptitude, yast, whatever) and install the curl package and you’re ready to go.

        • My problem is that not pnly Curl’s not installed but Linux is not as well.
          And I don’t myself with my poor skills do it.
          But I will keep it as well as your explanations and maybe I’ll try on an laptop I don’t use anymore.
          Anyways thank you very much for your kindness, your help has been much appreciated.

          • Well, I’m sure if anybody took the time they could easily code a similar thing in VBScript or whatever programming language for Windows. There’s really no magic behind it, and functionally the script I linked to above is just worth 4 lines of code, nothing more.

            The more important thing to realize here is that Arte are not “the evil guys”. They don’t provide download links because they’re legally prohibited to do so. All they paid for and are allowed to do is stream those videos for a limited time – the rough equivalent of a tv broadcast – but not provide a download, which would obviously hurt those companies who paid for the right to distribute the material on media like DVDs and such.

            So deliberately pissing on the door step of one of the best free-to-air broadcasters in Europe by causing them legal trouble from the copyright holders is really not an intelligent thing to do. If you’re clever enough to somehow download the stuff you may do so, but you preferably shouldn’t make a lot of noise about it, in the best interest of everybody .

            • Hello Raimund,
              I did not have the feeling that I had piss on Arte (which, by the way, is the only Tv Channel I look) cuz I know it is a matter of copyright and Arte can’t do anything about it. You may had this feeling cuz of my very bad english (perhaps a smiley here or there would have helped).
              As the way I described before I thought like you said to not make noise about it. But, Florian and some others are doing everything they can for us, so I figure I had to make at least a small contribution until a real tool come in hand. And like I said there’s many steps for one download, so if you do it it’s cuz you need it and not only for the pleasure to screw anybody. For me 7 days of replay is more than enough to watch everything I want.
              When you said, I quote ” if anybody took the time they could easily code a similar thing in VBScript or whatever programming language for Windows. There’s really no magic behind it” ;) For me I’m nearly 50′s years old and programming really looks like magic. As to learn how to do it, when you have a full time job, kids and very young grand-children, I assure you that 24 hours in a day is not enough to do everything, especially learn a “mystic language” when I’ve already have everyday-problem do make my windows work correctly. ;)
              About Linux, are you able to tell me where I can find some tests of the different versions (ubuntu…etc) and the programs working with theses distributions (like the equivalent of photoshop, premiere, 3ds max, office..etc)
              Thanks to you and Have a really good day “buddy” (a new word for me).

              • Reply here

                This blog didn’t let me post that text.

                • Pastebin content is correct, obviously ;)

                  • You understand the point I’m trying to make though? Copyright holders can use your site as “proof”, that their content is being downloaded from Arte’s site in substantial amounts. And demand that their content doesn’t get published any more on it.

                    Now, as one copyright holder after the other does that, all we’ll end up with on Arte+7 is content produced by Arte itself, like Xenius, Arte Journal and other rather insignificant tidbits.

                    So in the end, this might come back to bite everybody, even those users who don’t even download. Because the interesting content might be gone.

                    I understand that you meant to do a good thing, and that you’re probably feeling put off mightily by the C&D you received. But, due to the way this business works, it could really make sense to comply.

                    It’s kind of a miracle how Arte manages to provide so much first class content online anyway. Here in Germany, no other free-to-air station offers only remotely comparable material. Somebody very well connected, maybe some French big shot movie producer(s) or similar, must be taking a liking in Arte.

                    • Thank’s for your answer raimund. You must know that I’m not only intersted in videos. I spend all my free-time running from site to site on the surface and deep below because ther’s so much I’m iintersted in. Specially for people my age ! We ddidn’t have the Intenet when we wre young and it’s my biggest regret. When I think of all the things I should have been able to do it nearly make me cry.
                      Anyway. Thank’s for your answer (very clear by the way) and since floria,’s tool is off I have begun to study all about Json and it’s begin to come more and more clearly, even for me (though i’ve to read each article few times to really understand them..
                      To finish I agree with you, same as Florian I’m sure, Arte have some legal obligations about copyright. But’s it’s a non sens in a way. If I want an arte program or whatsoeverI just have to record it on the HDD of my CanalSat box, and then plug the HDD on a computer and retrieve it (on a Fat16 partition), so why this big multicorporations give’s a shit. If I really like something and want to keep it I buy it (like I do many time…) so really I don’t understand. It’s just make me think of the TV show “Continuum”…(a kind of big brother.
                      So bye and thanks again.

  173. thanks to flori and tatie and all the others who tried to help us download good movies,news and cultur.

    there is a solution:

    you can download it for is a big german computer newspaper.

    it is in german. it is free. still i prefer florians tool and i miss it. florian go for it!

  174. by the way:
    if you are french speaking it is possible to download also all the french arte videos with the tool:

    have fun

    • Are you sure
      works correctly with ARTE+7 ?

      Did you really test it by yourself ?

      I tryed MediathekView some time ago and did not get it to download from ARTE+7.

      Please clarify !

      • it works perfect!

      • I just installed it and it works perfectly.
        I f you don’t understand German, it’s not very hard to set up. You’ve just to set the download path and you can begin.
        Je viens d’installer le programme et il fonctionne très bien. A l’installation, il vous faut juste préciser le répertoire de destination des téléchargements et vous pouvez commencer.

  175. It works well but the software is in german, it’s useful to get the URL to push in synology download manager :D. it can also download to computer too !!!

  176. wow, that’s bad news.
    if i can make a donation via paypal i’d like to support you. don’t have much money though ;-)
    keep up the good work!!

    • Hey Moejoo, hopefully I’ll not have to pay anything so I believe I’m okay but thanks for your very kind offer it’s very nice of you. Florian

  177. il est bien dommage qu’on ne soit pas totalement dans l’ère de l’open source & du partage désintéressé de la connaissance…
    en tout cas merci pour cet outil et courage pour la suite, en espérant que tu n’aies plus à subir le courroux du service juridique d’arte

  178. Thank you raimund for your off-this site answer.
    I tried to thanks following your last post here but obviously it’s not working; so I do it down there.
    Of course, I understand you can teach all the way how to do it but with your explanations and my searches about nearlly-everything about Json, I’ve manage, at least, to have a really better understandement of it. And this week end I will manage even if I spent the night to do it to make what you told me and understand it really well.
    So thank you very much Raimund!!
    Et courage à toi Florian, c’est la lut….. ;)

    • Welcome. You don’t need to know anything about JSON though, or to learn anything about it. Don’t make things more complicated than they are. The procedure I described is very simple, here again the basic steps:

      * take arte+7 video link and open it in browser
      * click “View Page Source”
      * in source, search for link that contains “PLUS7″ and “ALL.json”
      * copy that link and remove the string “player/” from it
      * take resulting link and open it in browser
      * in that page, search for “AMM-HBBTV”.

      That search will yield exactly 3 matches, and those are the mp4 links. That’s all you need to know, there’s nothing more to learn or understand. At least until Arte overhaul or change their website again.

  179. I found this script well documented and perfectly working to directly access the MP4 video and choosing the quality:

  180. here is an osx app on the basis of the “plus7dumper” of Nokius

    The password is : magic

    If it is not running. Install wget or curl on your Mac.

  181. Just want to say thank you to Florian for the past month. Your tool made it possible for me to get a lot of nice documentaries and I learned a lot from them. Well, it was from the beginning just a question of time until Arte would have come after you, but still, I just wanted you to know that your tool was nice an will always have a place in my heart :) Thumbs up for you and for Jeannot’s extension. The internet needs guys like you.

  182. Yes, thank you Florian. You provided a good resource (and still do through this commentary section). I think it’s really sad that most business models concerning “content” are so shortsighted. I personally would prefer being able to clickpay the amount of money I can afford for some content I appreciate. Different thing with Arte: I already paid for its content. And they honestly think that I should orient my personal schedule to the +7 time slot they give? Very democratic indeed. So they want me to behave like an addict and always check when there’s sth interesting to watch for me. My time is too precious for that. So checking the program and DL it for later is already an inconvenience by itself. Yeah, I could buy myself in to one of these online recorder websites which record tv signals. but as I said – I already paid 95% of their money.

  183. Merci pour la màj avec le script Chrome ! J’en profite (même si ça n’est pas forcément le bon endroit) pour dire que j’ai trouvé les juristes d’Arte très “correct” dans le sens ou ils ont pris le temps d’expliquer pourquoi ton site était embêtant, je l’ai un peu perçu comme une “obligation” de leur part de réagir, mais fondamentalement j’ai l’impression qu’ils ne sont pas spécialement contre…
    Quoi qu’il en soit : Merci d’avoir proposé une alternative simple, légère et efficace !

  184. Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci
    ARTE étant la meilleure chaîne culturelle que nous ayons, c’est un cadeau merveilleux !!

  185. Is it possible to integrate the script in Firefox? And how does it works.

  186. ARTE-7-Downloader: little help for some friends:
    download this zip-file open it, save it.
    Download: Google Chrome 36.0.1941.0 (Dev) at
    Just this version works because ist a developerversion (Arte+7 Downloader just works with Developerversion).
    After: start Google Chrom and enter this url: chrome://extensions/
    Now copy and paste this file from your unpacked zip archive: arte-downloader.user.js
    Restart Google Chrome
    Start Arte+7 choose one video, after scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    Left side down you see the Quality (Download 2200, Download 1500, Download 800)
    choose your Quality, click it, save it.
    Maybe ist not necessary but:
    Please deactivate all Google updates if possible at autostart (Chrome want be updated).




    • Not true. Normal Chrome works. No restart required.

      • ARTE-7-Downloader:
        Since Google Chrom Version 35.0 #1916.153,
        extensions must taken at Chrome Web store.
        For this i wrote this instruction.
        Try it, test it.
        Good Luck

  187. On ne vous dira jamais assez merci ! Ce programme est d’utilité publique !!!

  188. Salut, quand je redemarre Chrome j’ai un message:
    “Extension désactivée
    Afin de rendre Chrome plus sûr, nous avons désactivé certaines extensions qui ne sont pas répertoriées sur le Chrome Web Store et qui ont pu être ajoutée à votre insu.
    - Arte+7 Downloader”

    Que faire?

    • Please NICO read the instruction about Arte+7 Downloader from above and everything will work fine!


    • Pour le message “Extension désactivée”, il suffit de la mettre à la corbeille, et de recommencer le processus depuis le début, en la replaçant à chaque fois. Un peu fastidieux, mais efficace, ça vaut le coup.

  189. Merci mille fois, très bonne solution. C’est tellement mieux d’avoir le choix!

  190. Bonjour, pourriez vous ajoutez le support pour les scripts utilisateur de Firefox et Opera : . Apparemment il suffirait de faire peux de modification au script actuelle (juste des modifications pour la compatibilité)

  191. Bonjour à tous
    Mille mercis encore à Florian qui ouvre les portes que d’autre veulent voir closes et à vous tous qui nous aidez.
    A ce propos… je désespère depuis la Suisse romande de franchir le mur du “Cette vidéo n’est pas disponible dans votre pays” qu’affiche Arte plus 7 pour Par exemple ce film géorgien de Georges Ovachvili: “L’Autre Rive”
    D’abord il n’apparaît pas dans la page.
    Ensuite si je tape son titre dans ‘Recherche’, il est trouvé, mais interdit pour moi.
    Que dois-je faire?
    Votre méthode (code page – F3: json – remove /player , etc) ne marche que si on a accès au site du film, ce qui m’est interdit.
    J’ai essayé avec TOR, mais c’est un hasard s’il choisit une IP française. Il semble que le film soit rendu inaccessible partout ailleurs qu’en France et en Allemagne!
    Merci d’avance pour votre aide toujours très très appréciée.

  192. Perso le truc de raymund était super. Il ne marche plus et aucun des autres scripts de github avec chrome en version dev …etc ne marche !
    Plus rien ne marche. Ouggghhh, sale coup.
    Les enfants pouvaient vous m’aider ?

  193. Bon en fait ca marche :(
    Les boutons 2200, 1500, 800 étaients si bien que en regardant rapidement j’ai crue que c’était la barre de status.
    QUelle bécasse !!
    Donc merci beaucoup à notre nouveau roi du chiffre BOOBOOBLUE !; mais on n’oubliera jamais Flori&an qui doit bosser dessus à fond, c’était quand même de lui que tout est parti)
    Comme le mec qui tombe de l’immeuble… jusqu’ici tout va bien, jusqu’icic tout va bien…

  194. Toutes ces fautes de frappe j’ai honte de moi.
    Et puis mon premier message n’est jamais apparu !

  195. Je dois être en train de mourrir de bêtise (quoique j’ai un bon rhume, et si, et si, c’est les gens agés) mais le coup du Player/Json de Raimund marche toujours.
    OTAN pour moi !
    Comme cela ça fait toujours 2 trucs bien cools et perso cela m’a permis de jeter un oeil à chrome qui à l’air vraiment pas mal du tout et même carrèment bien… à suivre…
    Bon dimanche à vous tous les enfants.

  196. Yop, tu pourrais maj ton script


    Let’s crawl ! Starting with
    * Now parsing
    * Parsing error: no “videoStreamUrl” found. Exiting

  197. Chanterelle le film que tu cherche et sur youtube mais comme vous dites peut être que arte7 et que disponible en france et allemagne si oui il existe toujours “hola” des vpn gratuis

  198. Bonjour Tarzan,
    Que veux-tu dire par: “il existe toujours “hola” des vpn gratuis” ?
    Est-ce que ça résoudrait aussi ce problème-là:
    Pour le film ‘Un drôle de paroissien’, j’ai trouvé ce code:
    J’enlève le string player/ et dans la barre d’adresses je colle: …puis return.
    Et dans cette page, PAS LE MOINDRE LIEN AVEC [AMM-HBBTV.mp4] DEDANS!
    Toutes les suggestions seront les bienvenues. (je rappelle que ma localisation est en Suisse-romande, près du Lac Léman)

  199. Bonjour à TOUS
    Que veux-tu dire par: “il existe toujours “hola” des vpn gratuis” ?
    Est-ce que ça résoudrait aussi ce problème-là:
    Pour le film ‘Un drôle de paroissien’, j’ai trouvé ce code:
    J’enlève le string player/ et dans la barre d’adresses je colle: …puis return.
    Et dans cette page, PAS LE MOINDRE LIEN AVEC [AMM-HBBTV.mp4] DEDANS!
    Toutes les suggestions seront les bienvenues. (je rappelle que ma localisation est en Suisse-romande, près du Lac Léman)

  200. Tarzan, que veux-tu dire par “il existe toujours “hola” des vpn gratuis” ?

  201. chanterelle je voulais dire par la tu as un addon pour firefox ou sinon tape l’origine du nom si tu ne pas cliqué sur le lien Hola Unblocker
    vue que tu ne peut pas acceder au fichier du a ton pays

  202. Hey great project!
    Why just relaunch it from a webhost outside European Union?
    Who cares if its legal?

    For all those who cant get it working:
    just copy the link from the chrome javascript into vlc-player and convert/save the stream. works for me.


  203. Thank you very much!

  204. I haven’t used your video downloader in a while, Florian.
    So I am sad to learn now that your great work and efforts have been
    brought to an end and you were forced to shut down the awesome

    I just searched and is has been mentioned by lara croft on June 16, 2014 at 5:16 pm already.

    Download the software MediathekView and there you can get your Arte+ videos from.
    It has been working great for the last couple of month I have been using it!
    Works with Windows as well as with OSX.

    I hope

    • Yeah, we probably shouldn’t advertise it too much but MediathekView works fine for me.

      Thanks again, Florian, for your awesome tool and crossed middle-fingers @ Arte/lawyerguys.

  205. Je tenais à te remercier publiquement (comme tout le monde en fait…) pour ton apport au titre de l’exception légale de la copie privée.
    Je me sens un peu coupable étant donné que j’ai fait beaucoup de publicité pour ton travail, et tous ceux qui auront fait comme moi sont dans la même situation, car nous avons de fait contribué à attirer l’attention d’arte sur ton site..
    Sache que tu es en tête de liste des mes remerciements pour mon mémoire.

    Que M. Arte (ou Mme d’ailleurs…) se rassure, je serai ravi d’acheter ses DVD lorsque j’en aurai terminé avec mes études…

    Merci à toi, et à très bientôt !

    • Merci François, heureux que c’est pu te servir et heureux également d’avoir de tes nouvelles !
      Pas de soucis pour la publicité, je n’ai jamais essayé de me cacher, je pense la mission noble et donc sans détour :-)
      Pour preuve, j’ai tout fait sur mon domaine, en mon nom. Bref, on en rigolera dans 25 ans quand on se rappellera que certains groupes ont tentés de contenir du contenu disponible sur Internet …. !
      Bonne chance pour ta soutenance, à bientôt !

  206. Great news for all readers out there who runs Windows. Here’s a standalone tool to run locally on your computer allowing you to download +7 videos: . It is a ZIP archive you must extract the .exe is inside. Tested and approved by myself.

    Thanks to Paul, writer of the software.

  207. Hi, I was very fond of your site and used it frequently to you know what. Since the dl-function went offline Im :(
    Now I hoped to get same results with the standalone tool, but it wont work. Evrythings good, the prog opens,the link gets accepted, I choose size+folder, but then nothing happens when i hit the big button, just a little flickering window appears for 1/10 of a second. Do you have any idea what might be the problem? I use an old IBM,Win XP. Thanks for suggestions! Best L

    • Hey Luke, I have not developed the tool myself and it works fine for me on Windows 7. The flickering windows appearing must be the one where you choose the destination folder, I’m no windows developer so I don’t know how it works but maybe the code used to produce that windows use some kind of API that is not available on XP…
      I guess you can still try to use the Chrome script and/or browse this comment section to find out the manual process to do it yourself.

  208. The link “+7 Standalone Downloader for Windows” is not
    Can you fix the link for “+7 Standalone Downloader for Windows” please!
    Chrome plugin for Windows will not work. Because Chrome only allows addons from the “chrome Store” (only for Windows user) so i need
    an external programm to download files.

  209. Hi Stefan!

    Chrome works, but you have to get an Developer version 64Bit

    or 32Bit

    install, after follow my instructions i wrote above. Search:

    BOOBOOBLUE July 7, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    It works fine also i can download three videos at the same time.

    Standalone downloader just one.

    Good Luck Boobooblue

  210. PS:
    the “manual” method (searching******-000_PLUS7-D/ALL/ALL.json for MP4 links) is still successful.

    ==> seems to be only a small change, so should not be difficult to fix…

  211. Hello,

    Je suis sur Mac OS 10.9 et ai testé en installation la v 39 dev de chrome et l’extension. Ca ne marche pas :(

  212. Hallo,

    seit einiger Zeit such(t)e ich ein Programm, mit dem man Videos z.B. von BR3, ARTE, u.a. Mediatheken problemlos herunter laden kann.

    Die Liste der untauglichen Programme ist laaang. Zu lang!

    Seit ein paar Tagen benutze ich den “VSO Downloader″. Der Erfolg spricht für sich. Selbst das Konvertieren ist problemlos möglich und integriert. Die Bedienung und Funktionen wie “Restart” laufen hervorraged.

    Als Negativum empfinde ich lediglich, daß man die Temp – Datei anscheinend nicht plazieren kann wo man will. Ich habe eine SSD als Hauptpartition C und bekanntlich ist die Verwendbarkeit dieser Festplatten nicht unbegrenzt möglich. Wenn nun ständig die temporären Daten drauf und wieder runter geschaufelt werden, sobald man einen Download startet, erschöpft sich unsinnerweise letztlich die Ressource einer SSD.

    Aber, vielleicht versucht es der eine oder andere mal selbst mit diesem VSO Downloader.

    Viel Spaß…

  213. Pancrace Desvallées


    J’ai compilé votre code sur wheezy 7 le 4 septembre 2014
    Tout a très bien fonctionné et vous en suis reconnaissant.

    Depuis vendredi 5/09/2014, impossible de pouvoir télécharger . tout a été bloqué.

    Je ne pense pas être le seul !!!

    P. Desvallees

    • @Pancrace Desvallées:
      They’ve made a small change here html from this:
      <div class="video-container" arte_vp_autostart="1" arte_vp_config="arte_tvguide" arte_vp_lang="de_DE" arte_vp_url=
      to that:
      <div arte_vp_autostart='1' arte_vp_config='arte_tvguide' arte_vp_lang='de_DE' arte_vp_url=

  214. Hello,

    Pour la VOSTFR ou FR c’est ici >******-***_PLUS7-F/ALL/ALL.json. Remplacer les “******_***” par le numéro de la video dans le lien du navigateur.

    Reste à repérer le lien qui fini par “AMM-HBBTV.mp4″ et le lancer dans un nouvel onglet.

    Voilà !

  215. Hi Everybody!

    New Arte Downloader is here Version 1.3

    Good Luck, use Chrome Developerversion then everything works fine!!!

    Voila Boobooblue

  216. La version 1.3 ne marche pas pour moi, je ne vois toujours pas les liens pour dl.

    Je suis le seul dans ce cas?

    Merci pour le boulot en tout cas !

  217. Also for me it does not work. I did according to posting without any result …

    • Hello Ernst!

      Try with chrom delete all browserdata!
      Also please read above there are other programms working like

      MediathekView or VSO Downloader

      Good Luck boobooblue

  218. Je peux désormais voir les icones download, mais impossible de les ouvrir ou de dl directement.

    Je suis sous la version 1.4

    Y a t il un forum directement dédié au troubleshooting? J’ai l’impression d’être au mauvais endroit ahah

  219. this way was worked for me:

    Installing the userscript on chrome was possible. but after the installation it was deactivated automatically. (maybe the newer versions of chrome don’t accept extensions from outside the chrome web store). So I loaded an extension called Tampermonkey (a program to write userscripts) from the chrome store and installed the arte userscript on Tampermonkey. Now it works perfectly fine.

    • Hej Saul.
      Tampermonkey is a reaslly good idea.
      But i could not install the arte script.
      When i click on “install new scripts”
      a 2userscript sources” sites open.
      Than i scrioll down… to:
      “You can search Github and Gist for scripts”
      Than i search for “arte-downloader” but did not
      find tha arte script.
      And if i search for “arte” i got 280 hits.

      i only trust this script “”
      but how can i get it installed with Tampermonkey?

  220. I got it.
    Best way:

    1. Install Tampermonkey
    2. Download the ZIP File from

    3. Open “Tapermonkey” got to “Übersicht” or “Overview”…
    than the last “Tab” >>> “Hilfsmittel”
    The you can “import” the ZIP File.

    Work perfect on my WinXP Machine. With Chrome.

  221. Hi, the 1.4 version is great and works well !
    Thanks !

  222. Hello ARTE-FANS!

    Now it works also with Firefox 33.0!

    Download greasmonkey addon – activate it! (right up the monkey with arrow)
    Then open this page:

    Under INSTALL – FIREFOX & OTHER – please doubleclick:
    arte-downloader.user.js greasmonkey will open – click install – finish.

    Open ARTE+7 and download video!
    It works great!

    Have fun! :-)

  223. Bonjour.
    Le arte downloader ne prends pas en charge les “ERREUR cette video n’est pas disponible dans votre pays”.
    Est-ce possible?

  224. This might be a stupid question but nevertheless it’s something I’ve wanted to know for some time now: What do the different tags such as “VOA” “VOF-STA” “VA-STA” “VO-STA” “VOA-STA” “VA” mean? I read that VOA – VOF is the difference between german and french language. But what’s with all the other variants?

  225. Florian, You made a great job ! thanks a lot.

    As for Arte video site , it is quite a shame that it works *so poorely* assuming the huge amount of money it costs.

    I have stopped watching on my PC ( which gets 100Mbits internet connection) and have to rely on my …smartphone . Now it is still by no way a definitive solution since it can work just as bad too.

    Arte Dietc, Arte+7, is quite near of what should be called a total failure ! too bad since the original idea is good indeed

    So they really should focus on improving the service and stop bothering you

  226. Hi friends of ARTE! about the prompt “Erreur, cette video n’est pas disponible dans votre pays” I think I got the solution.

    * GO TO, choose the desired video link and open it in browser
    * click “View Page Source”
    * in source, search for link that contains “PLUS7” and “ALL.json”
    * copy that link BUT DON’T REMOVE the string “player/” from it
    * open it in browser
    * in that page, search for “HBBTV.MP4”.

    That search will yield 6 matches, with deutsch AND french versions.

  227. Mediathekview is great but sometimes (a documentary in my case)
    videos from 7+ do not show up there. At the moment I use rtmpdumphelper for this. it’s basically a Windows frontend for the rtmpdump tools. it intercepts the access of rtmp:// links from the browser (firefox in my case) and sets up rtmpsrv (from the rtmpdump suite) as a proxy. everything you watch is redirected through this proxy and also stored on the Harddrive. only one disadvantage: it only records realtime: if the video is 1h you have to let it run for 1h

  228. hi all,

    congrats for the good work here.
    It appears that youtube-dl is a pretty good alternative to Florian’s work, helping to get offline a lot of content.

    available on Github here :

  229. Thank you all, and in particular Nikola for telling us how to find the link to the mp4. The rest was easy, I right-clicked on the video and chose “save as”.

    You know what? I don’t even want to do anything illegal (not that I blame those who do). I just want to watch a funny movie I started watching yesterday. I was too tired and I fell asleep before the end.

    To do that, I need to transfer the file to a usb stick, to plug into my dvd player, because my computer has no sound. I can only watch videos on the tv. Is that a crime???

  230. bonjour moi c’est la meme chose je telecharge car leur lecteur flash fais ramé mon vieux pc :) donc je telecharge et ensuite je supprime meme si a la fin sa reste illegal voici un pti lien pour les feignants qui veulent recuperé

  231. direct method with source code doesn’t seem to work anymore (I used that, from abroad,withouth problems for years) that is so disappointing

  232. Indeed, the source does not show any link to a .json file… Any suggestion, anyone?

  233. “arte-downloader.user.js” don’t work anymore. I’m using:

    - PC / Win7
    - Google Chrome
    - Tampermonkey + Script (Arte+ Downloader Version 2.4.1)

    Can someone confirm.
    Any solutions?

  234. Mhh, I’ll have a look this week. I have not been checking this for a couple months now. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    • hmmm. Today it works again! The Layout looks different. One Week ago i got those 3 Download Buttons. Now i can check german / france (+subtitltes) and got a drop down menu for different quality. + Download Button for Video and TExt description. (I love IT)

      I’m using this Addon on Win7 + Chrome + Tampermonkey for years and i’m so happy that it works again! Thank you very much! (Don’t know why it was not working yesterday, and that day before. Tried reinstall and everything. Whatever. Now it works. it looks a bit different. But i’m happy. Thanks again.)

    • Sadly I will not have the time to look into this issue for a couple weeks.
      I hope someone can help and provide a solution in the comments.
      Also maybe checkout on Mediatek side ?

      • It works again. So. no need to fix it. only “genetikolors”, “Artefan” and me (aaa) said it didn’t work anymore… couple of days ago. But now it works again.

        • Well, it’s been a long time I haven’t been looking into this but apparently the old manual way is not possible anymore: locate the .json, remove /player/, etc…
          But you are telling me that the github script is working right now ?
          Also, maybe they are in the process of delivering a new version of the website and performing rolling upgrade which could explain why it works for some people and not for some other.

          • Bonjour Florian,
            je me pose la même question que les autres correspondants : il n’est visiblement plus possible de récupérer manuellement le fichier .json en passant pas le code source. J’ai fait d’autres essais sur les lignes portant la mention “video container” mais sans parvenir à isoler un fichier .json. Existe-t-il un moyen direct de remonter au fichier vidéo mp4 dans l’état actuel ? Merci de vos réponses.
            Ok, now I try in english
            It’s obviously impossible tout locate manualy the .json file. I’ve been trying to open other files identied like “video containers” but noway : it’s impossible to find a usefull .json. Is there any other direct manner to access directly video files mp4 in the present situations.
            Thanks for your answers

          • yes, the Arte+ Downloader Version 2.4.2. was not working a couple of days. (i was using it over a year. And never got problems). But today it works again. Maybe it has to do with the arte website.

            • Today… i can only download “french” versions. german Versions not available. i checked different “Arte Videos”. All the same.

              - PC / Win7
              - Google Chrome
              - Tampermonkey + Script (Arte+ Downloader Version 2.4.1)

              I think arte change alot in their website settings the last days. I can watch the GERMAN Version. But i cannot download them with the Script. (only french)

              • Well, maybe then they are performing rolling-upgrade of the website and make the new version available one country after another. It would not be the first time.

  235. Made a perl version. May I post it here (85 lines)? (can I tag code, so it doesn’t look too terrible?)

  236. If you want to download Videos with Subtitles to MP4, AVI, MKV on Mac and Windows,you will need Allavsoft, the best downloader, to help you.

  237. Got version: 2.7 in chrome. Together with Tampermonkey…. but it is NOT working. Can someone confirm that it is not working?! (It worked before for many years.)

    • Sorry. I have to allow some things with sacriptsafe”. Everyhting works fine. Can download from ARTE. Thanks again for this wonderful addon!

  238. est un site de streaming vidéo pour regarder les derniers films et les émissions TV en ligne 100% gratuit, aucune inscription requise, il suffit de cliquer et regarder!

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