I'm not actively looking into new opportunities right now, but feel free to contact me anyway.

Strong experience as team leader and manager for the 12 persons SRE team delivering more than 5M payments a day (POS/PSP)

Florian Crouzat
Toulouse, FRANCE
Cell : +33(0) 6 45 45 54 02
Email : cv@floriancrouzat.net
Work History
2015 till now
Lyra, Toulouse FRANCE
→ IT Operations manager

Working directly under the CTO, manager and responsible for the IT Operations department including operations engineers (SRE) and cockpit tech (approx. 12 ppl)
Perimeter includes 24/7/365 all Lyra FR production (from continuous integration to datacenters) delivering and securing more than 5 millions payment every day.

Missions include to review projects timelines and assign tasks. Spot conflicts early and resolve. Plan and schedule products and infrastructures deliveries.
Schedule and manage production changes and maintenance accordingly with security officers and tech experts. Secure PCI-DSS certifications. Assure the growth of the department by casting and recruiting new profiles.

2014 till now
Lyra, Toulouse FRANCE
→ Site Reliability Engineering & Operations Coordination

Recruit and manage interns.
Create and push new procedures and standards.
Organize and synchronize tasks.

Visited Lyra Brazil (2015) for consultancy mission to speed up various tasks and increase the overall security by bringing HQ procedures and technical solutions.
Visited Lyra India (2014) for consultancy mission to prepare for first PCI-DSS audit and review various technical points.
Visited Lyra India (2012) to deploy new hardware and increase the overall security level. Trained the team on many HQ procedures and technical architectures.

2010 till 2014
Lyra, Toulouse FRANCE
→ Site Reliability Engineer

Built datacenter. Deployed and installed new hardware/software delivering more than 10 millions transactions to the bank each day (#1 largest French credit card gateway)
Updated design, built and maintained the underlaying architecture for a new innovative e-payment solution launched in the fall of 2009 (#2 largest French PSP as of 2013)
Succesfully passed several PCI-DSS audit and maintained a high-level of compliance.
Relocated two running datacenters to new building without any production downtime: planned the entire operation and made it a success.
Designed and installed state of the art clustering technology to add high-availability to web servers, firewalls and proxies.
Deployed a robust log-analysis solution to centralize, store, and process every single line of logs.
Set up environment for automatic installation and configuration of couple hundreds CentOS servers.
On call a week every month (24/7). Dealt with emergencies and crisis. Solved issues by thinking fast while working in a very critical environment.

2008 - 2010
ITrust, Toulouse FRANCE
→ Junior security engineer (Intership)

Conducted internal and external penetration tests on severals French firms.
Reviewed results, wrote reports, helped designing new tools to always improve the depth of the audit.

Miscellaneous realisations (student)

Wrote a call-center manager application.
Wrote a java bittorent client (with ghostleeching capabilities ;).
Wrote a C99 POP3 client and server both RFC compliants.
Maintained a Cydia Debian APT repository for jailbroken iPhones.
Wrote a blog on iPhone jailbreaking. Later sold the blog to mobifrance.com.
Set up on a personnal dedicated server FTP, SVN, and CalDav access for all students.
...And probably a couple other things!

Technical Experience
Educational Qualifications
University of Toulouse III, Paul Sabatier : Master's degree in Systems, Networks and Telecommunications. (M2 STRI)

University of Toulouse II, Le Mirail : HND in Networks & Telecommunications. (DUT R&T de Blagnac)

Montauban Technical High-School : Graduated with honors in Electronics. (BAC STI)